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  • Visual Studio Team Suite 2008 Available

    Visual Studio Team Suite 2008 is now available to MSDN Subscribers (a fact which is apparently well known, since the server seems to be suffering from the load).  Anyway, when the load on the servers reaches an equilibrium, you should be able to pick up the new VS2008 - amazing that you can do so while it's still 2007, since it seems like usually software products with years in their names struggle to ship during that year, much less before it. more

  • Consolas Font in Vista

    I've recently been experimenting with other fonts for Visual Studio on Vista after reading this article on new fonts in Vista.  I think I like Consolas better than Courier New for coding, if only for its novelty.  It also tends to be a little bit more compact than Courier New at the same font size, which is nice to keep long lines from wrapping.  Have a look at the difference, see what you think:Consolas Font, 10 pt: Courier New Font, 10 pt: As you can see, the Consolas Font is a fair bit narrower horizontally than Courier New, and I don't find it particularly harder to read, so I really like that.  Horizontal space is always at a premium - one place … more

  • Orcas VPC TimeBombedBase Missing

    I downloaded the Orcas Visual Studio Beta 1 VPC from MSDN yesterday and stitched all of the zip files together, and launched it.  Ran into the dreaded: “E:\VPC\TimeBombedBase\Base01.vhd” could not be found message.  If you run into the same thing, you can find others with the same issue easily enough. The solution is to download the VSCTPBase.exe file from here.  Extract the Base01.vhd file and then point to that as the base for your Orcas VPC.  It’s working great for me now. more

  • Old Team System News

    This is all from last month, but I’ve been busy so it’s been in my queue.  Sorry for the late “news”: Microsoft acquired TeamPlain, makers of TeamPlain Web Access for connecting to TFS via a browser.  TeamPlain will be free to anybody with a TFS CAL.  Full announcement. Patterns and practices announced the publication of prescriptive guidance for TFS/VSTS.  JD Meier had the details. In related news, the VSTS team published 40 pages of strategies for branching and merging with TFS on CodePlex, here.   more

  • VS2005 Data Pro Dies on Compile Fix

    I had an issue with VS2005 For DB Pros (the Data Dude SKU) where every time I would build my solution (or that project), VS2005 would simply die.  This was on Vista.  After looking for the answer, I contacted Gert Drapers who informed me of the fix — install the RTM of SQL 2005 SP2 (or just the XMO redist) and the problem’s solved. Thanks, Gert – I hope this helps some others who had a CTP of SP2 installed.Tags: vs2005, dbpro, data+dude more

  • CodeFile or CodeBehind

    I just fixed a problem on a coworker’s machine that was quite odd in that the fix involved simply changing CodeFile to CodeBehind in a user control (.ascx) file.  The issue was that in the ASPX page I was doing a FindControl within a Repeater’s ItemDataBound event, and casting the resulting control to the type of the codebehind of the user control.  So for example if the user control was foo.ascx then in foo.ascx.cs I might have had a type Acme.Web.Foo.  The Inherits= attribute in the @Control directive was set correctly to Acme.Web.Foo, but the type cast was failing in the ASPX page.  When I debugged it, I found that the type of the thing I was getting back … more

  • Microsoft Robotics Studio Released

    Officially this morning, Robotics Studio was released.   With Microsoft Robotics Studio, robotic applications can be developed using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Express C# and VB as well as Microsoft IronPython.  Read the Press Release and the PressPass Q&A with Tandy Trower.   Feature Highlight   Supported Hardware This is just a sample list of some of the supported robots from Robotic Studio: ·         Lego Mindstorm RCX ·         Lego Mindstorm NXT ·         iRobot Roomba … more

  • ASPInsiders Public Notes - Scott Guthrie

    VS 2005 SP1 coming soon (end of year, hopefully).  Will include:2200+ bug fixesBuilt-in Web Application Project supportGDRs are public fixes (patch rollups) that include rollups of QFEs – GDRs are similar to service packs but service packs affect support (Microsoft supports the latest service pack and the previous service pack, but not further back).  So – GDRs are good because they provide public fixes without eliminating support for any prior versions.The service pack 1 beta is not like a typical product beta (e.g. use at your own risk bits) — it contains well tested product fixes that are signed off on, and should be usable on “production” … more

  • ReportViewer Showing No Data - Solved

    I had a really weird issue with a ReportViewer.  It would show the little green AJAX Loading… image but it wouldn’t show any data, just a blue background where the output should be.  I knew the data was there because exporting to Excel or PDF showed the data just fine.  So I eventually tried it in FireFox instead of IE and managed to see a few rows of data, but not much.  That got me thinking that maybe it was a CSS or HTML issue — I’d set the height and width each to 100% because the default view was too small.  So I set the height to 1000px and voila!  It works.  I wasted about 15 minutes of searching on this, so hopefully this … more

  • Debuggin Failed Because Authentication is not enabled

    I ran into this prompt while trying to launch debugging in VS 2005 using IIS.  I quickly found this MSDN online article to solve the problem.  Posting here to help anybody else find it quickly.  Basically, go into IIS and turn on Windows Authentication under Directory Security.  Here’s detailed steps: To enable integrated Windows authentication Log onto the Web server using an administrator account. From the Start menu, open the Administrative Tools Control Panel. In the Administrative Tools window, double-click Internet Information Services. In the Internet Information Services window, use the tree control to open the node named for the Web server. A Web … more

  • Source Control Structure

    How do you like to set up your source control for a project?  My personal preference is sort of a work in progress, and I do not have a great deal of experience with branching and versioning, so my design doesn’t take this into account, but I would like to hear what approaches work well for others.  Here is a very simple example: $/$/Project$/Project/Libraries/$/Project/References/$/Project/Websites/ Sometimes I’ll include other folders for services, windows applications, etc.  Sometimes I’ll just have an Applications folder.  Either way, all external references used by the project are kept in /References (as DLLs or whatever), all source code is kept in … more