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  • The Next P2P Revolution - Napster for Television

    This is a bit off-topic from my usual .NET stuff, so I apologize.  Recently Clemens showed me an application he'd written that allowed me to watch and control his television from Windows Media Player on my PC.  The quality was great and I could change the channels myself by simply clicking on logos for the various networks -- no need to channel surf.  Clicking on each network also loaded up the current and upcoming scheduled programming.  Reading his post about how he did it, I can see he's leveraging SnapStream (more). The SlingBox from Sling Media does something similar, using a hardware solution.  It, too, allows remote access to your personal television … more

  • Convert TivoToGo Files to Normal MPG for DVD Recording

    I've had a TiVo for a couple of years now and just recently installed the TiVo Desktop and TivoToGo software.  I immediately ran into the problem that it's impossible for me to burn shows to DVD without using Sonic's software (I already have Nero so why should I buy something else?).  Thankfully, there's a lot of stuff available on Google including this popular article on TivoToGo MPEG2 Descrypting (which didn't quite work for me) and this recent blog post on Converting .tivo to .mpg without Sonic. So far... no luck.  But hopefully I'll edit this in a bit with something that works.  At the moment everything seems to go fine but then when I try to open the resulting .mpg … more