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  • ASP.NET Model View Controller Architecture

    A little while ago, Scotts Guthrie and Hanselman presented on MVC in ASP.NET (and Dynamic Languages) at the oddly named ALT.NET conference in Texas.  I'm with ScottH that "Alt" is a pretty silly name and something like Agile or Pragmatic would be a much better descriptor.  Alternative is not terribly descriptive since anything that differs from the norm is alternative, and not necessarily better.  It reminds me of how all music sought to be "alternative" regardless of its actual style just to earn cool points.  And nevermind that calling something and not actually owning that domain name is just asinine.  Incidentally, you can find the conference's actual … more

  • Speaking at Connection in Vegas in November

    I found out that I should be speaking at the DevConnections show this fall.  The show is being held in Las Vegas again, November 5–8th.  I apologize to anybody that had hoped to see me present last month in Orlando at the spring show – I was unfortunately out of the country due to circumstances beyond my control (but which you’ll see more details on in a future blog post very soon). At the Fall 2007 show I’ll be presenting the following: Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration for ASP.NET and VSTS I’ve given this talk once before myself and it was one of my talks this spring that was covered for me.  It’s one of my current … more

  • Display Current Bin Folder Content Information

    As part of my automated build and test process, I wanted to be able to confirm that my third party components were the proper version and, more importantly, that they were fully licensed.  For some components, I can create a new instance of the control or component and test its IsLicensed property.  For others, the assembly itself is different for evaluation versus professional versions, and another approach is required.  In the first case, the code required to test if the control is licensed is trivial – the second case requires slightly more work. These assemblies live in the /bin folder of my ASP.NET application.  The best way to determine whether or not the … more

  • Plasma v1.0 Release Available

    Plasma is an ASP.NET in-memory web server emulator that can be used for ASP.NET unit testing or automation.  Its initial codebase was written by Microsoft and its current incarnation is a community project licensed under the Microsoft Permissive License.  I’ve been working on the project with several others and have just put the initial release out on the CodePlex project site.  There are a lot of enhancements that have already been made that are not in this release, but I wanted to get the basic, vanilla implementation out there first, and then (hopefully soon) put out a 1.1 release with some of the many optimizations that we’ve already made.  Unfortunately, … more

  • Continuous Integration Using Team System

    I'd like to get continuous integration (CI) working for my TFS server here at the office as my next step.  A little googling led to Khushboo's post on doing just this with the RC bits that I'm using at the moment.  The instructions were pretty simple to follow and with minimal headache (aside from the need to install VS on the build box in order to run tests, a stupid requirement but one I already knew about) I got things working. My next goal is to create some kind of visual status board that shows the current state of the build.  Knut Hamang has a nice implementation using an LCD-TV that would pretty well suit my needs.  I've also seen the ambient orb and lava lamp … more

  • VSTS Overview Talk at Wayne State University

    I gave a presentation on Visual Studio Team System last night to about 30 students at Wayne State University in Detroit.  I don’t think it was one of my better presentations, for a number of reasons, which I’ll lament here and attempt to improve in the future. First off, this was an earlier presentation than most of the INETA talks I give, and was scheduled to start at 5pm.  I scheduled my flight into Detroit to arrive at 2:30pm which was really plenty of time.  I wanted to get to the room to present around 4:30pm so I could get set up, make sure everything worked, etc.  Unfortunately, the nearest parking I could find was a couple of blocks from the campus … more

  • And You Thought Waterfall Software Development Process Was Dead

    Help bring back the Waterfall Software Development Process!  Attend Waterfall 2006 this year, being held April 1st in Niagara Falls, NY. Check out the conference website for a detailed listing of sessions, including these: Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer by Jim Highsmith Two-Phase Waterfall: Implementation Considered Harmful by Robert C. Martin User Interaction: It Was Hard to Build, It Should Be Hard to Use by Jeff Patton FIT Testing In When You Can; Otherwise Skip It by Ward Cunningham The Joy of Silence: Cube Farm Designs That Cut Out Conversation by Alistair Cockburn wordUnit: A Document Testing Framework by Kent Beck and more! more

  • Cruise Control Bug Fix

    I've been using Cruise Control for a few weeks now and noticed a recurring problem where it would just error out and not recover periodically.  The issue was a timeout checking my source control server, which is running Vault and hosted remotely.  Anyway, Jonathan Cogley at Thycotic pointed me to a fix they'd come up with when they encountered the same problem.  Specifically, John Morales created a simple workaround patch that retries N times if the first attempt fails, and posted the Cruise Control Bug Fix on his blog. more

  • NUnitASP to Find Broken Links

    I'm considering having my web-page tests, currently implemented using NUnitASP and some Cassini-implants, test for broken links (prompted by someone reporting one from one of my sites).  I haven't gone any further than to have the idea that this might be a good idea, so I'm wondering if anybody has done it and would care to comment?  If unit-tests are not the right place (I can see something spidering production as perhaps being better), are there any automated tools that can be set to run 1/day or something to provide reports on a site's broken links that folks would recommend? more

  • Test Page is Valid XHTML using NUnit'm wrapping up some tests of AspAlliance Cache Manager (no URL yet) and wanted to ensure that my output was valid XHTML.  So I did some googling and found this thread which led me to create this technique in my unit test: private bool IsUrlValidXhtml(string url) { System.Xml.XmlTextReader reader = new System.Xml.XmlTextReader(url); reader.Normalization = true; Xhtml11Resolver resolver = new Xhtml11Resolver(); reader.XmlResolver = resolver; XmlValidatingReader valReader = new XmlValidatingReader(reader); valReader.ValidationEventHandler+= new System.Xml.Schema.ValidationEventHandler(valReader_ValidationEventHandler); … more

  • Sessions at DevConnections

    I'm leaving in the morning for Las Vegas for ASP.NET Connections, where I understand attendance is extremely high relative to expectations, no doubt related to the fact that Microsoft is launching many of their new dev products this week.  I'm going to be hosting three sessions this week and look forward to meeting folks in person whom I've only gotten to know through my blog, mailing lists, forums, emails, IMs, etc, etc.  Here's where I'll be: ADX252: Caching Features in ASP.NET 2.0 wth SQL Server 2005South Pacific FWednesday, November 9th, 9:30am - 10:45amBasically going to cover all the cool new caching features in ASP.NET 2.0.  Lots of demos, and my usual caching-specific … more