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  • Google PageRank Deductions

    There's a great deal of discussion going on this month about recent deductions Google has made to Toolbar PageRank (not real PageRank) in October 2007., a well-respected developer site (IMHO) with a ton of content, was dropped from a TBPR of 7 earlier this month (which it's had forever) down to a 4 (ouch!).  Apparently this is shared by - hardly nefarious black-hat sites here.  Based on a variety of sources, the issue seems to be that the site has a few sponsored links to relevant related content, such as ASP.NET shopping cart and charting controls and web hosting.  Sadly, Google is strong-arming publishers into compliance with this … more

  • Google Duplicate Content Filter Loses To MSN Search

    SEOChat recently ran an article pitting Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search up against one another in the are of handling dupliate content.  Google has serious issues in this area, as many have discussed, blogged, and ranted about recently.  In this article, the author has conducted an experiment with duplicate content and compared the search results from each of these three search engines over a period of time as duplicates of her content propagated across the Internet.  Google filtered out the duplicates, but dropped the original source in the process.  Yahoo fared somewhat better, but MSN Search managed to filter out thousands of duplicates and left the source website as the … more

  • Google Optimization Tools and Permanent Redirects

    A recent forum thread on dealt with this issue.  It's far better to use 301 redirects than 302 redirects within your applications if the page in question is permanently at the new location.  One example of this would be when handling site moves from an old architecture to a new architecture -- you want to avoid tons of 404 errors and keep you search indexes, so you redirect users looking for the old URL to the new one.  Works great, but if you use Response.Redirect, it's sending a 302 (Found / Moved Temporarily) code, which is not what you want.  Instead, you want to use a 301 Moved Permanently code, along with the new location. Unfortunately, there is no … more