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  • PDC Sessions

    In addition to the powerpoints available at you can also watch the presentations, including demos, in MS Producer format at  Others have noted this - I mention it here so I can find the link later... :) more

  • SYS-CON Radio Interview (PDC 2003)

    My SYS-CON Radio Interview from PDC has recently been published on their website (along with a great many other more important people's interviews).  Check them out and download them in MP3 format. more

  • PDC 2003: Caching Birds of a Feather : Summary of Tips

    I hosted a Birds of a Feather Tuesday night at PDC 2003 and we had about 25 or 30 people attend, including Rob Howard of the ASP.NET team (responsible for the caching featureset).  I've published a summary of the tips along with some resource links we discussed at the meeting on Caching Tips from PDC 2003 more

  • PDC ASP.NET Panel Discussion - Non-Postback Callbacks to Pages

    A new feature in Whidbey will allow controls to make calls directly back to page methods without making full postbacks.  This features uses XMLHTTP behind the scenes and allows controls to talk to the server in an optimized fashion without requiring a full postback.  In the 1.x timeframe, a solution for this which you can use today (and which actually may be simpler to implement based on what I've seen), is remote scripting.  Remote scripting was available in ASP 3.x but wasn't widely known to most ASP developers.  Jonathan Cogley of AspAlliance has written up a toolkit that makes implementing cross-browser remote scripting (non-postback callbacks to the server) very easy … more

  • Tuesday at PDC

    Managed to get to some sessions today, including the morning's keynote, which was lucky since I was out pretty late with a bunch of Codewise community members and Microsofties.  The keynote was pretty cool, and included an excellent demo by Scott Guthrie as well as a fun demo of mobile control support by Batman.  I spent most of the middle of the day in the expo hall talking to various vendors about what they're doing in the .NET space and how ASPAlliance and AspAdvice can help them reach the developer community. Right now, I'm sitting in Rob Howard's advanced caching session, where he's going through the new caching features that will be available in ASP.NET Whidbey.  You can … more

  • PDC2003: 1623 on Day One

    Ok, this post will be of little use to most people - I apologize. I got in at 10am or so, one of the few people unaffected by the airport delays caused by all the fires.  Managed to get checked in at hotel and to the convention center by noon, just in time for lunch.  Met Scott Swanson and Serge from VbCity for lunch, then hit the expo hall for a while.  Talked to a bunch of vendors, saw Andrew Duthie, the Junkies, Rob Howard.  Alex Lowe's stuck in Chicago as of 2pm and Neil Rowe from SAMS is stuck in Denver.  Spent some time talking to Erik Sink of SourceGear Vault. Anyway, the expo hall closed around 4pm and I headed back to my hotel to meet with Codewise Community … more

  • Hope LAX Is Open For me...

    Well, I'm leaving Ohio in about 4.5 hours for Atlanta, then getting into LAX (in theory) at 10am local time.  Hopefully the airport won't be burned down or closed or anything.  See everyone in PDC if I make it there. more

  • 34 Hours to Departure for PDC 2003

    My flight leaves at 0535 Monday morning from Akron-Canton, getting me into Los Angeles at 0951.  I figure I'll probably make it to the hotel by 11am and the convention center by noon, which means I'll miss the keynotes.  :( I'm looking forward to meeting a ton of folks at PDC this year.  I think I've got more meetings set up than sessions to attend, so I guess I'd better order the DVD with the slides.  I can't wait to be able to write some articles about Whidbey on  I got the latest issue of aspNetPRO, in which I wrote an article for this month's issue (being released at PDC and devoted to Whidbey), and there is a lot of great content in it (Paul … more