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  • Outlook Performance Tips

    I've been living with Outlook 2007 since it shipped, and it's been pretty painful, but my life is in it so I'm stuck with it.  I've posted some Outlook tips in the past about how to deal with it not shutting down properly, and that has grown into a fairly sizable post with dozens of comments (and #1 for the search term outlook did not shut down properly.  Nice.).  Anyway, I have some additional tips that I thought would be worth sharing. Use Exchange If You Can In general, most of the people I've talked to say that Outlook 2007 doesn't have any huge performance problems when it is working with Exchange.  This makes perfect sense to me since I'm sure Microsoft uses … more

  • Some Outlook Relief Perhaps

    I get a lot of email, like many people in our industry.  A lot of it is SPAM, but it's rare that any of that makes it to my inbox between SpamBayes and server-side anti-spam stuff running at ORCSWeb (the best hosting company around, IMHO).  Nonetheless, I tend to get inundated even with real email that requires my attention, and in order to get much software development work done, I have to turn off Outlook entirely sometimes.  This is sage advice (multi-tasking reduces total productivity - it's in several books like Getting Things Done), but unfortunately for me it only means that when I do open Outlook it's gone and added that many more mails for me to deal … more

  • Oh *** Outlook Email Rule

    I have a rule in Outlook that I call my “Oh shit” rule.  It delays all messages from being sent for 1 minute, which is plenty of time for me to realize that I said the wrong thing, sent the wrong thing, forgot an attachment, or copied the wrong people, at which point I can open the message from my Outbox and correct it before it is actually sent.  But, it’s not so long that my messages take an inordinate amount of time to arrive when I tell someone “I just sent you this in an email” and they’re wondering where it is. This wasn’t an original idea of mine – I heard it from somebody else a year or two ago, but I don’t recall … more

  • Outlook Data File PST Not Closed Properly

    A common problem with Outlook is the infamous data file issue that pops up when you launch Outlook and says it must check the data file for constency because it was not shut down properly.  In Outlook 2003 this is annoying because Outlook is unusable until the check completes, which can take a long time for large PST files.  In Outlook 2007 this is a minor issue because the task occurs in the background and simply has a system tray bubble announcing its status.  However, in both cases, the process of checking the file consistency is an annoying one that slows down one’s system and so if it can be avoided, it  should be. If you simply go into Task Manager and kill … more

  • Outlook Feature Request

    A heavy Outlook user had the following suggestion for Outlook improvement.  She’s currently using Outlook 2003 but will likely upgrade to 2007 very soon, however she’s seen Outlook 2007 and it doesn’t address this yet.One thing that I would like to see in Outlook is the ability to change folder colors.  Because Outlook has been one of my primary tools for organizing and tracking my business contacts and correspondence, I have over 200 folders.  Unfortunately, when I need to go to a particular folder (and this happens probably 100 times a day just for filing messages, given my current volume of correspondence), it is not necessarily quick to just scroll … more