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  • Evolving Custom Web Controls

    Although sometimes you start out knowing you need a custom control, what more often happens is you find that you're using the same functionality in more than one place, so you start packaging it up into a control in order to remove duplication and improve reusability.  This article takes a look at when and how you should do such things by taking a fairly simple piece of ASP.NET functionality and evolving it from some code on a form to a user control to a fully-functional custom web control. more

  • NUnit Article Published (for real this time) This is my latest MSDN article, an introduction to NUnit as well as some lessons learned for unit testing a data access layer.  I don't claim to be a unit testing expert, but these techniques have definitely helped me when I have had the discipline to apply them.  Hopefully it will help a few folks to avoid some of the problems I encountered along the way. more

  • Cache Configuration Helper Class Article Published

    In a follow-up to my caching best practices article, this one shows how to encapsulate the best practices into a helper class. Creating a Cache Configuration Object for ASP.NET Summary: Learn how the CacheConfig helper class can improve caching policies across an ASP.NET application, improve reuse of cached data, and significantly reduce lines-of-code to implement caching using best practices. This article builds upon the ASP.NET Caching: Techniques and Best Practices article. more

  • Caching Best Practices Article on MSDN website

    My first MSDN online article was published this week: ASP.NET Caching: Techniques and Best Practices.  The first half is pretty much well-known info about caching in ASP.NET (at least, it should be well-known to anybody writing ASP.NET applications).  The tips and the best practice pattern are the real valuable parts here for everyone who already knows the caching capabilities of ASP.NET, since these tell you why you should use caching and how to do it the most efficient way possible, which aren't necessarily apparent from the docs. Anyway, hope they help someone. more