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  • Triskaidecaphobia

    Office 13 is going to actually be called Office 14, since there are some people who assign some negative significance to the number 13 (see Triskaidekaphobia).  Since this is clearly a significant concern in the world of computing, it seems natural to me that other areas of Microsoft's platform should work harder to avoid this unlucky number. On a slightly related note, I was glad to see that the Westin Seattle actually is honest about the numbering of its floors, and does *not* label the 13th floor 14 in an effort to appease people's superstitions.  Scott Cate and I stayed on the 13th floor this week, and even had the super-duper unluck of having 13 on our door twice (in a … more

  • OpenXML Standardized and Sour Grapes

    Earlier this week, the OpenXML document format was standardized by the ISO/IEC, with a huge 86% of voting countries favoring the format (news here, among other places).  While this is interesting and a win for anyone using Microsoft Office document formats (who isn't?), it's also a bit disappointing that those who opposed the format's standardization have opted not to accept the decision of the global community.  Instead, they've shifted into sour grapes mode and are attacking the process and everyone involved (at least the ones who didn't agree with their perspective).  Jan van den Beld has a great writeup of the accusations being thrown about by the folks who couldn't … more

  • Outlook Performance Tips

    I've been living with Outlook 2007 since it shipped, and it's been pretty painful, but my life is in it so I'm stuck with it.  I've posted some Outlook tips in the past about how to deal with it not shutting down properly, and that has grown into a fairly sizable post with dozens of comments (and #1 for the search term outlook did not shut down properly.  Nice.).  Anyway, I have some additional tips that I thought would be worth sharing. Use Exchange If You Can In general, most of the people I've talked to say that Outlook 2007 doesn't have any huge performance problems when it is working with Exchange.  This makes perfect sense to me since I'm sure Microsoft uses … more

  • Some Outlook Relief Perhaps

    I get a lot of email, like many people in our industry.  A lot of it is SPAM, but it's rare that any of that makes it to my inbox between SpamBayes and server-side anti-spam stuff running at ORCSWeb (the best hosting company around, IMHO).  Nonetheless, I tend to get inundated even with real email that requires my attention, and in order to get much software development work done, I have to turn off Outlook entirely sometimes.  This is sage advice (multi-tasking reduces total productivity - it's in several books like Getting Things Done), but unfortunately for me it only means that when I do open Outlook it's gone and added that many more mails for me to deal … more

  • Outlook 2007 POP3 Slowness

    Outlook 2007 has a number of issues with performance, one of which relates to downloads taking a very long time with POP3 email accounts.  Microsoft has recently published a KB article that should fix some scenarios where this occurs, specifically on Windows Vista, which may be caused by network hardware device(s) that do not support a networking feature called TCP Window Scaling. The short version of this is to run this command as administrator and see if it helps your situation any: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled   If not, then probably your Outlook 2007 performance problems have other causes (of which there could be many), but this is worth a shot and … more

  • Free Office Professional 2007 and Office Groove 2007

    Here’s an exciting announcement related to the upcoming launch events for Windows Vista and Office 2007: Receive your FREE copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and Microsoft Office Groove 2007* when you attend a Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office system, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 launch event near you! At a launch event you’ll be able to: ·         Attend breakout sessions for IT professionals and developers ·         Test drive the products and evaluate their functionality ·         Network with peers, , and … more

  • Excel Pivot Chart from Reporting Services Video

    Last week I wrote about some fun I was having with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in Excel.  Well, yesterday I got around to recording a screencast video of how to create Pivot Chart reports using Reporting Services, Excel, and SoftArtisans Officewriter.  You can view it here: Using Reporting Services to Create Excel Pivot Chart Reports with OfficeWriter Check out our list of .NET videos, too — we’re up to a couple dozen now. [categories: video, Reporting Services, SSRS, Microsoft Office] more

  • Excel, Pivot Tables, and OfficeWriter

    I’ve been playing around with trying to analyze some performance data that spans numerous periods over time as well as multiple channels.  Using SQL I’m able to get some results that look something like this: Channel | Period | ActivityA | 1/2006 | 1342B | 1/2006 | 3433A | 2/2006 | 1543B | 2/2006 | 3785 However, going from this to a chart or something useful is not terribly easy.  SQL 2005 has a Pivot function, and I have a similar function for SQL 2000 that Gregg gave me, but really this is something Excel shines at, and I’ve been wanting to play around with OfficeWriter more for some time. Using their documentation and a couple of articles online I was able to … more

  • Google Spreadsheets Announced

    From Online Media Daily: Google Unveils Spreadsheet App by Shankar Gupta, Wednesday, Jun 7, 2006 6:00 AM ET IN A MOVE THAT GIVES consumers another reason to use Google for more than just Web searches, the company Tuesday released a spreadsheet program into a closed beta test. The new Google application not only allows users to post data to a Web-based spreadsheet, but also enables users to share the data with each other online, and to chat using Google Talk while editing the document. Users can then save the edits to a Google-hosted spreadsheet, or export them into an Excel format. Users can also upload spreadsheets in the Excel format to Google Spreadsheets, and … more

  • Adobe, PDF, Microsoft, and Office

    Office 2007 won’t include Save As PDF by default, but you can still get it as a free download.  More information here – I’ll save the analysis for others. more

  • Does Microsoft Buy In To .NET?

    Every now and then some high profile personality, perhaps one who once had close ties to Microsoft, about how .NET is really a total failure.  How it's clear that it isn't going anywhere.  That, as proof of these assertions, Microsoft cannot even manage to use it for its own products, so why should we?  Personally I think these kinds of articles are rather easy to debunk, and show that their author is either ignorant of the facts (which is unlikely) or has a personal agenda that is coloring his or her opinion (which is pretty much a given - yes, I have one too). Here is some information I have gathered on approximate numbers of managed code in a few Microsoft products.  … more

  • Cool AJAX Implementation

    I've recently been talking with the folks at FarPoint Technologies and took a look at their AJAX implementation of a web-based spreadsheet.  It's very cool!  It's essentially like having Excel embedded in your browser, complete with forumulas, and you can bind the whole thing to a database (and persist it back with the click of a button, too).  Have a look at the demo. more