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  • aspNetPRO 2008 Readers Choice Awards Published

    A couple of weeks ago the aspNetPRO magazine's annual Reader's Choice Awards were published in their latest issue.  DevExpress swept the awards, winning nine different categories as well as product of the year.  I've blogged before about DevExpress and how I've been quite impressed with a lot of their tools (CodeRush, XtraReports, controls...).  I've also gotten to know a bunch of members of their team over the last couple of years and enjoy hanging out with them at conferences and other events.  While the Reader's Choice awards are not as rigorous of a standard as, say, a Consumer Reports analysis, it is a strong indicator that a lot of customers are very happy with DX's … more

  • Tweak web.config To Set Compilation Debug False

    ASP.NET applications should never run with <compilation debug="true"> in production.  It can have drastic performance implications (of the negative kind).  Obviously, in a perfect world, developers would always remember to verify this setting whenever they upload changes to production, but unfortunately many organizations utilize fallible humans in their deployment process, and this is something that is easily missed. As part of an automated build process, this problem can be eliminated fairly easily.  Most sections within web.config can be extracted to separate files (using the configSource="{path}" attribute), and separate files can be pulled in for TEST, STAGE, and … more

  • AJAX Control Toolkit Update Released

    Yesterday (Leap Day), the Ajax Control Toolkit team released an update to the toolkit.  This release comes in two flavors, one for the 3.5 framework (which has AJAX baked into ASP.NET 3.5) and one for the AJAX 1.0 release that is an add-on to ASP.NET.  As always you can run through the live demos of the controls here.  This release does not add any new controls, but does include a number of bug fixes and improvements, including a bunch of user-submitted patches (learn how you can submit you own patches). My favorite controls in the Ajax Control Toolkit remain the AutoComplete, the CollapsiblePanel, and the TextBoxWatermark.  I use this a lot in my applications.  I … more

  • Creating a New SQL Database

    Today I need to set up a new database for a new web site I'm working on.  Last week, I saw Rick's post about the "mousercise" that defines the typical table set up in SQL Server 2000 and 2005's table designer.  I have to admit that I completely relate to his feelings, and what made his post better still was that in addition to raising a complaint (that I share), he offered a solution!  This is one reason why Rick Strahl's blog is worth reading (and probably has something to do with why he has several thousand more subscribers than my blog).  So, in the course of setting up this database (which I'm doing as I write this, and which currently … more

  • Holiday Skins for .NET Controls

    As the end of year holiday season approaches, it's fairly common for some web sites and products to re-skin their logos and applications to make them a little more festive or seasonal.  Google has long been known for their creative variations of their logo in response to various holidays throughout the year.  This year, at least one .NET control vendor, DevExpress, has created a Holiday UI skin for Windows.This is an application-wide UI skin, which developers can use to instantly modify the look and feel of traditional Windows solutions to one which is styled in a Christmas/holiday theme.  Ray blogged about the new theme a couple of days ago, and already it's gotten … more

  • SimpleCMS on CodePlex

    ASPAlliance SimpleCMS plugin is now available on CodePlex.  You can use CodePlex to submit your feature requests and such now, which will help guide future releases of the plugin.  Also, if you're interested in contributing to the project, let us know.  You'll find SimpleCms here now. more

  • DevExpress TechSummit

    I'm in Vegas a few days early (before DevConnections) to attend DevExpress's TechSummit2007, where they've invited a bunch of MVPs, authors, speakers, etc. to come and learn more about their controls and tools.  Yesterday we saw some of what they're working toward in the WPF space, with some charts and grids that are not quite ready yet, but look like they will be pretty nice.  I'm not doing much with WPF at the moment, since I'm mainly holding out for Silverlight 1.1 and whatever subset of WPF it supports, but DevExpress is also working on (mainly planning and proof-of-concept given the early nature of Silverlight 1.1) some controls for that as well.Today … more

  • BrowserHawk 11 Released

     CyScape recently announced the latest version of their browser capabilities control, BrowserHawk 11.  While I haven't had a chance to review this new product yet, it touts some new features that at least appear to be pretty compelling.  I use BrowserHawk and CountryHawk for LakeQuincy's advertising solution, AdSignia, to quickly determine each ad request's geographic location, allowing for certain ads to be targeted accordingly.  We also pull some data from the user's browser which we use primarily for statistical analysis (for example, what percentage of our users are running a particular screen size). It's a rock solid and very fast set of products … more

  • Sharing Resources Between Projects in .NET

    ASP.NET has some great support for Resources (for localization and internationalization, mainly), but unfortunately by default they're limited to the same project because they're generated with the internal keyword.  I wanted to be able to share common strings for things like Exception messages, format strings, and default messages between members of my business objects and within my ASP.NET application, without duplicating the resources between these two separate projects.  I did some searching and found a great writeup by Rick, but it didn't quite do the trick.  However, fellow RD Guy pointed me to this great tool on CodeProject that "just works".  It does two things … more

  • Cruise Control Configuration File Editor

    One of my developers is doing some work on our Cruise Control setup and found this gem that I'd somehow missed: CCNetConfig.  A slick little GUI for editing your ccnet.config file (screenshots).  Seems to work well enough for most of the common settings - I haven't used it enough myself yet to really fully review or evaluate it, but the project seems to be pretty active, and it's open source so if you really need something to work, you could always add it... more

  • Nice Products for Developers

    We have a new intern starting with us at Lake Quincy Media today, and in the course of getting him set up, I thought I would mention of a few products we're using that work quite well for us here.  The first one relates to training new interns with limited real world programming experience (Kent State University doesn't do us any favors here - no Microsoft technology, no SQL technology, and no web technology has been covered for most of their computer science graduates, much less students).  For training, we use and have been very happy with AppDev.  (sidenote: neither AppDev nor KSU's web sites works without a www. prefix, making both of them unnecessarily difficult to access … more