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  • SimpleCMS for IIS7

    SimpleCMS is a (very) simple content management system I developed with Brendan for and which is now available from CodePlex (with source).  Steve Schofield recently put it to work in IIS7, a scenario we have not yet tested ourselves, and found that it worked more-or-less without difficulties.  He posted his steps for setting up SimpleCMS using IIS7 and the Integrated Pipeline if anybody is interested. more

  • SimpleCMS on CodePlex

    ASPAlliance SimpleCMS plugin is now available on CodePlex.  You can use CodePlex to submit your feature requests and such now, which will help guide future releases of the plugin.  Also, if you're interested in contributing to the project, let us know.  You'll find SimpleCms here now. more

  • SimpleCMS Update Released

    Today, Brendan updated SimpleCMS, the no-impact ASP.NET CMS add-on available for free from  The new release uses the RTM builds of MS AJAX And the AJAX Control Toolkit. If you haven’t tried it, please do.  Note that the big FAQ for the registration page is that you need to have a nonalphanumeric character in your password.  Since someone asks me about this at least once a week, let me explain what that means:  not a letter or a number.  Generally this can be achieved by hitting SHIFT plus any NUMBER on your keyboard. Anyway, assuming you’re able to make the cut and come up with an acceptable password, we’d love to hear your … more