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  • aspConf 2012 Sessions

    Yesterday I presented two sessions for aspConf 2012.  The first was a new talk I haven’t given before on ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices (which I dubbed the Solution to the Solution Problem).  The second one was a talk on Common ASP.NET Design Patterns, which is basically I talk I’ve given for at least a year now on Common Design Patterns, adapted slightly for ASP.NET (mainly MVC).  The slides are shown below.  The sample code for the MVC Solutions talk used a simple Guestbook application found here.  The samples code used in the Design Patterns talk is a fork of the MVCMusicStore application found here. ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices ASP.NET MVC Solution … more

  • Getting StructureMap to Work with MVC4 RC and Web API

    At the moment (18 July 2012) if you install the NuGet package structuremap.MVC4, it will not compile due to breaking changes in the ASP.NET MVC4 RC distribution.  You have to jump through some extra hoops to get this working.  Here are two posts that help: Configuring MVC4 with StructureMap Using the Web API Dependency Resolver However, even with both of these getting things working wasn’t quite as easy as I would have liked.  Here are two full files with namespaces showing what I used to get things working (Gist 3135943).  I assume the NuGet package will be updated to be correct once MVC4 ships. more

  • Gas Pump UI Failure

    Take a look at this picture (click to enlarge): What do you notice about the octane stickers?  If this were a software application and you were implementing some kind of behavior/click tracking, where are most of the clicks taking place?  Since this is basically a touch interface, you can see that the largest “buttons” are the octane stickers.  Above them are small headings, but to the user, clearly the big squares look like buttons, as evidenced by the wear on the 87 and 93 stickers (nobody, it seems, bothers to buy Plus). It’s worth noting that the stickers are not, in fact, buttons at all.  Pushing them does nothing.  That this is not obvious is evidenced by the … more