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  • Windows Azure June 2012 Update Required Reading

    Today (right now as I type this) Microsoft has unveiled a TON of new features that are launching as part of Windows Azure.  If you’d like to learn more about these announcements and services, here’s the short list of blog posts you’ll want to read/skim: Scott Hanselman – Windows Azure – No Kidding Scott Guthrie – Meet the New Windows Azure Bill Laing – Announcing New Windows Azure Services to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Jason Zander – Announcing the June 2012 Release of Windows Azure SDK S. Somasegar – Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows Azure SDK Brian Harry – Continuous Deployment to Azure with Team Foundation Service LightSwitch Team – Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with VS 2012 These … more

  • View Network Status and Listening Ports on Windows with Netstat

    There are plenty of times when you may need to know which applications are running on which ports on your machine.  Some examples of questions this might answer include: How can I see which port my application is running on, so I can forward or open that port in my firewall? How can I see which applications are actively using my network connection? How can I see where applications on my machine are connecting to, whether on my network or on the Internet? If you’re running a Windows system, the netstat command, run from an elevated (Run As Administrator) command prompt can provide a lot of the answers to these kinds of questions.  Like most command line utilities, you can get a lot … more

  • How To Disable ReSharper in Visual Studio

    Something I’ve had to do from time to time is disable a plug-in in Visual Studio, either permanently or temporarily, such as ReSharper.  Just now was one of those times, and as in the past I had to hunt through a variety of Visual Studio menus in order to find it.  Personally, I think Visual Studio has some work to do on how many kinds of plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions it supports, which I hope I make clear in this post.  However, if Bing/Google brought you here and you just want the answer to the question of how to disable Resharper, the steps are:

    Open Tools >  Options

    Choose the ReSharper option

    Click Suspend

    Some of the things you might try, as … more

  • Economics of Software Quality

    When we talk about the quality of software, we must refine the discussion to make it clear whether we are talking about internal or external quality.  External quality refers to the software’s presentation and behavior from a user or customer’s perspective.  Internal quality refers to how the software was constructed, and how easy it might be to maintain or extend. External quality is often under the control of the project’s stakeholders, whether they are technical or not.  If the system has bugs, stakeholders can report them and request they be fixed.  If the UI is ugly, then can request updates to it.  If the system is counterintuitive to use and lacks validation … more