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  • Sending Email from a Sitefinity Module with Attachments

    A fairly common use case in web applications is the need to send an email, and applications built on top of Telerik Sitefinity are no different.  Since modules are simply .NET DLLs, you’re free to write whatever code you like, so it’s certainly possible for you to write a module that sends emails in a way that knows nothing about Sitefinity.  However, if you want to interact with Sitefinity, for instance making sure that you use the same SMTP server that is configured in the Sitefinity settings, or attaching a file from a Sitefinity library, then this post will show you how to do so.  I strongly recommend that you allow the user to configure the way emails are sent via the … more

  • Asus Zen Ultrabook One Month Later

    I wrote a few weeks ago about my new Asus Zen Ultrabook computer.  I’ve  been using it as my primary laptop computer since then, and thought I’d write up a follow-up on how it’s been.  Overall, I’m quite pleased with it.  The performance is great, the battery life is quite good, and the instant on/off experience makes it almost as quick and easy to use as my phone or iPad.  In fact, I’ve just spent the last three days on the road at a client conducting training, and driving as many as four concurrent Visual Studio 2010 instances along with three browsers, SQL Server, and PowerPoint, and everything ran great.  So, the short version is, it’s a nice piece of kit … more

  • Excel Cumulative Flow Diagram

    I’m working on a Kanban Fundamentals course that should go live soon on Pluralsight.  One of the topics I’m touching on is Cumulative Flow Diagrams, and how these can be used to analyze flow of a process.  Some electronic kanban tools like AgileZen have some built-in support for CFD-style reports, but for instructional purposes it’s nice to be able to create one on-the-fly with whatever data one needs to illustrate a point.  And of course, if you’re not using any fancy tools but would still like to benefit from the insights a cumulative flow diagram can provide, it’s nice to know how easily one can create one using Excel. I’ve created a sample you can download and modify for … more

  • Fixing Floating Rectangles in ASP.NET StackedBar Chart

    In working on a client’s reporting system, I ran across some StackedBar charts that were using the System.Web.DataVisualization.Chart control that were having some problems.  The biggest one was that the rendered bars had gaps and floating rectangles in it.  This turned out to take about an hour to solve, using my best Google-fu, so I’m posting my solution and notes here, in case I run into it again and to save some other poor soul an hour’s time. The Problem Here’s what the chart looked like, originally.  I’ll spare you the original code, as it was a total rat’s nest, but I was able to dramatically simplify it before proceeding to fix the actual issue.  A bit of … more

  • Team Workspace Reflections

    We’ve been fans of team rooms and collaborative work environments at NimblePros for some time.  In building out our new building, we took care to create several large open spaces to be used as team rooms, with plenty of room in the middle for workstations (configured for pair programming) and lots of open wall space around the outside for whiteboards and information radiators.  You can see one of our team workspaces, before the furniture and whiteboards went in, on the right.  The idea was to follow the Caves and Commons approach first recommended by Extreme Programming, and it’s worked very well.  We gave some of our senior staff their own office spaces and we set up a … more