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  • JustCode JustRocks

    I have been a ReSharper fanboy for a long, long time.  I have recommended it in user group and conference talks and on my blog.  It was one of my favorite tools for a long time, and it remains a great product.  However, I’m happy to say with all honesty that I now prefer JustCode.  This is fortunate, as I now work for the company that makes JustCode, but I’ve held off on endorsing it (or completely replacing ReSharper in my actual work) until I felt it really met my needs.  That day has come.  Let me share with you why I’m now a convert. Must-Have Refactorings There are a few refactorings that I use all the time because of the way I write testable, maintainable … more

  • The Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Continued

    I’ve now had the new Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabook machine for about six weeks, and have been carrying it as my primary machine for much of that time.  You can read about my initial impressions of the Ultrabook here.  The short version, for those who don’t like to click on links, is that this is a pre-release hardware clamshell Ultrabook with a touch screen and a slew of sensors that you can code against, with Windows 8 installed on it.  It was provided to me for free in order to solicit my honest opinions on the device, which I disclose to you here in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in … more

  • A Review of The Clean Coder

    I’m generally a fan of Robert C. “Uncle Bob” Martin’s books, so realize I’m going into this book with something of a positive bias.  While is previous books, Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices in C# and Clean Code, have been specifically about programming techniques, this latest title, The Clean Coder, is more philosophical in nature.  It seeks to present Martin’s philosophy of how software developers should behave: responsibly, professionally, and with the will to say no when required.  The book consists of a number of stories, relating experiences from Martin’s programming career that spans four decades, and is obviously autobiographical in nature.  The stories … more

  • DevReach 2012 Sessions

    Thanks to everybody who attended my DevReach sessions.  I had two talks and two panels, and both of the talks were standing room only (in the smaller theater), which was great to see.  The panels were both recorded on DotNetRocks and should be published later in October 2012.  I also did a software craftsmanship hands-on workshop before DevReach began, which drew about 20 students who learned via hands-on exercises about TDD, dependency management, and mocking from Phil Japikse and me.  I’ll have a couple more of these workshops coming up later this year, which I’ll post here and/or on my Facebook Page (like to see updates as they are made there), if you’re interested … more

  • The Art of Unit Testing Reviewed

    I recently finished reading Roy Osherove’s The Art of Unit Testing.  I was kind of splitting my time reading it and Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests, which I just recently reviewed as well.  One nice thing about this book is that it comes with an eBook once you register it with Manning. Overall, I think this is a great book on unit testing.  Roy is certainly well-qualified to write on this topic, and he does an excellent job of describing how to get started with unit testing, how to get the necessary tools, and how to write your first test.  As the book proceeds, he goes into more detail on how to break dependencies and use mock objects, how to organize … more