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  • Accessing Session from an HttpHandler

    I've run into this before but forgotten about it.  I wrote an HttpHandler recently and was trying to access the Session object from the passed in HttpContext context object with context.Session["foo"] = "bar"; and I encountered a NullReferenceException.  Some searching quickly yielded the answer, which is that in order to access Session from an HttpHandler you need to add a marker interface (meaning an interface with no implementation requirements) to your HttpHandler class.  I had been looking for the solution in the web.config, wondering if perhaps I had disabled Session there, before I remembered this little gotcha. There are in fact several options you can choose from, … more

  • Visual Studio Orcas Beta 2 WCF svcutil.exe Error

    If you run into trouble using svcutil.exe with the Beta 2 release of Visual Studio / .NET FX, try this:sn-exe -Vr svcutil.exeIt wasn't signed in this drop (it will surely be at RTM).  Alternately I've been told you can copy the svcutil.exe file from the previous beta. more

  • Fixed: CCNET + MSBUILD Logger Error

    Ran into a snag this weekend with my build server - it started throwing errors related to the path to a folder, like this: .MSBUILD : error MSB4015: The build was aborted because the "MsBuildToCCNetLogger" logger failed unexpectedly during shutdown. System.ArgumentException: The path is not of a legal form. at System.IO.Path.NormalizePathFast(String path, Boolean fullCheck) at System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(String path) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteErrorsOrWarnings(XmlWriter w, String type, IEnumerable list) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteProject(XmlWriter w, Project p) at Rodemeyer.MsBuildToCCNet.MsBuildToCCNetLogger.WriteLog(XmlWriter w) at … more

  • Microsoft Health Common User Interface

    I recently heard about a set of controls that is being made freely available via CodePlex with the goal of improving the usability and consistency of medical software applications.  The Microsoft Health Common User Interface (CUI) includes a suite of rich controls and guidance for building user interfaces that follow a standard approach to user interface design.  The CodePlex Project for MSCUI includes the controls library.  The controls are freely available and open source, so they provide a great value beyond just health care applications, since they include commonly required items like a DateInputBox and a TimeInputBox.  The controls are available as both WebForms and … more

  • Wait for ASP.NET AJAX Book Finally Over

    The wait for Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX is finally over.  The folks who camped outside of bookstores all night to be the first ones to own these beauties were  rewarded today.  Shortages were reported in some parts of the country as mobs of excited .NET developers made the iPhone launch seem like just another over-hyped gadget for sale.  You can learn more about the book online here.   Fortunately, as with the iPhone before it, supplies of this must-have technical bible have not run out.  Even if you were unwilling to pay some teenager to wait in line for your copy (assuming your time was too valuable to waste waiting in line yourself), you can still find … more

  • Team Project Creation Failed TF30225

     So, I get this error now every time I try to create a new Team Project.  I've checked my SQL Reporting Services configuration and it's all Green.  I'm creating this project as an administrator.  I've searched for help online, of course, but so far, nothing.  I'll update this post when I find the answer - in the meantime if you know what kind of animal sacrifice is required, please comment.Update: Worked like a charm.  Blog about it, and the answer will come.  I found this forum thread during one more search.  This led me to update my report data source credentials … more

  • Small Business Developer Center

    Soma announces the Small Business Developer Center on MSDN.  One point he makes about small business solutions is: Good enough is really good enough which sounds familiar.  This new resource is "focused on providing practical, actionable platform guidance for developers working with small businesses."  The sample application, WingTip Toys, sounds interesting to me.  I'll have to play around with it and will post more once I have. Small Business Developer Center more

  • Some Outlook Relief Perhaps

    I get a lot of email, like many people in our industry.  A lot of it is SPAM, but it's rare that any of that makes it to my inbox between SpamBayes and server-side anti-spam stuff running at ORCSWeb (the best hosting company around, IMHO).  Nonetheless, I tend to get inundated even with real email that requires my attention, and in order to get much software development work done, I have to turn off Outlook entirely sometimes.  This is sage advice (multi-tasking reduces total productivity - it's in several books like Getting Things Done), but unfortunately for me it only means that when I do open Outlook it's gone and added that many more mails for me to deal … more