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  • Atlanta Silverlight Training

    Shawn Wildermuth is teaching a class on Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1 in Atlanta through Dunn Training.  The three day Silverlight Workshop is being offered July 16-18, August 13-15, and September 17-19.  It looks like it will be a good class, based on the outline provided on the course web site. more

  • Slashdot Acknowledges Vista More Secure Than Linux

    Wow, even Slashdot, anti-Microsoft capital of the Web, acknowledges that six months after its release, Vista Security is still besting Linux.  From the site: "Great report on security vulnerabilities for MS/Linux/OS X. This is a revised version of the one Jeff Jones did back on March 21: Windows Vista — 90 Day Vulnerability Report. This time he did what the Linux community had asked. Everyone complained that he did the report based on a full Linux distro including optional components, not on just a base OS install. So this time he did both; Vista still came out on top. I was shocked that Apple was even on the list as I believed all those Mac commercials!" Full story. Oddly the … more

  • ASP.NET Scalability Panel Recording Available

    I was honored to be asked to participate in a panel discussing ASP.NET Scalability at TechEd 2007 a couple of weeks ago.  The panel was moderated by Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin of DotNetRocks, and included Stephen Forte, Kent Alstad, Rob Howard, and myself. The recording of that discussion is now available here: ASP.NET Scalability Panel - TechEd 2007 more

  • Update Cache in Background Thread

    Peter Bromberg recently wrote an article on refreshing the ASP.NET cache, which referenced my ASP.NET Caching Best Practices article on MSDN.  In my original article, I lamented the general uselessness of the CacheItemRemovedCallback feature, and wished for a CachedItemExpiredButNotRemovedCallback.  Sadly, this feature is still lacking despite the release of .NET 2.0 and 3.0 since my article was published in 2003. Peter's approach is a simple and effective one, and works well for a limited number of operations.  The one issue he doesn't address is that his background thread is permanently using one of the application's threads from its thread pool.  This is not a … more

  • Vista Network Connection Issue Solved

    I've had Vista running since it came out last November.  I've had a couple of Maxtor OneTouch II drives (network type) for the last couple of years, and I noticed immediately after installing Vista that I could no longer connect to them.  I would be prompted for a login and entering in the credentials would fail every time.  The same credentials worked fine from my Windows XP machines, but searching for "vista maxtor onetouch cannot connect" etc. yielded nothing. In a discussion recently on one of the mailing lists I'm on (with lots of people more knowledgeable than I), someone posted a solution to an issue they were having wherein their Vista machine could see some XP … more

  • Beyond Good Enough Is Waste

    I just finished reading Jon Galloway's post, The value of "good enough" technology, and it reminded me of something I repeat very often in my talks on improving performance and/or caching (which share some content as you may imagine).  I wanted to emphasize one point a bit more succinctly than Jon did, and that is that in software development (and I imagine in any endeavor where resources are constrained): Going beyond merely good enough is wasted effort. What does this mean?  It means that if you architect the ultimate system with N layers and Z levels of object indirection for a problem that does not require arbitrary levels of flexibility and/or scalability, you're wasting … more

  • June 2007 Silverlight Resources

    There's a nice little series of tutorials at NibblesTutorials that goes through some Silverlight basics (using Silverlight).  I haven't had a chance to go through them all yet (naturally) but it definitely looks like good stuff. Also NetikaTech has announced a set of controls for Silverlight which include both free and pro versions.  I haven't played with these yet either but it looks like a pretty good start considering that Silverlight has almost no "real" controls in it for business-class applications. [tags:silverlight] more

  • Sort Generic List of T

    Plenty of others have written about this so I'll keep it brief.  I needed to sort some objects based on a string property.  Some quick searching led me to this post which got me close to what I wanted. My final code was this:myThings.Sort(delegate(Thing x, Thing y) { return String.Compare(x.Name,y.Name); }); myThings is a List<Thing> collection.  String.Compare done in this fashion will sort them alphabetically - reverse its parameters to sort in reverse. more

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  • Acropolis CTP Available

    Acropolis CTP 1 is now available.  From the source: The Microsoft code name “Acropolis” Community Technology Preview 1 is a set of components and tools that make it easier for developers to build and manage modular, business focused, client .NET applications. Acropolis is part of the “.NET Client Futures” wave of releases, our preview of upcoming technologies for Windows client development. Acropolis builds on the rich capabilities of Microsoft Windows and the .NET Framework, including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), by providing tools and pre-built components that help developers quickly assemble applications from loosely-coupled parts and services. With … more

  • Silverlight 1.1 Setup

    I’m working on getting Silverlight 1.1 working in a VPC.  A good guide for this stuff is available on the Silverlight.Net site. First, I installed the Orcas Beta 1 VPC which I got from MSDN.  Then I went and found the base image I needed after encountering an error the first time. Once this was up and running I installed: Silverlight 1.1 Alpha – Available Here Silverlight 1.1 SDK – Available Here (it’s just a ZIP not an install) Silverlight Tools Alpha for VS Orcas – Available Here Blend 2 May Preview – Available Here – Adds Silverlight Project support ASP.NET Futures (May) – Available Here – Adds some Silverlight ASP.NET … more

  • WPF for ASP.NET Developers

    Brian Noyes gave a presentation to the Cleveland .NET SIG last night on WPF for ASP.NET Developers.  I took some notes, which I’ll present a few of here in case they’re helpful to anyone else. WPF Logical Pixels, not physical pixels, each 1/96 of an inch Vector Graphics based Containers Many controls are containers Support composition (images within buttons within buttons etc.) Declarative XAML Documents and Media are 1st class objects Video/Audio Word DOCs, PDF, etc. Supports Interop (both ways) with Windows Forms in about 4 LOC Requires .NET 2.0 New features will require .NET 3.0/3.5 Application Types Windows Application Same as Windows Forms Can support ClickOnce … more

  • Orcas VPC TimeBombedBase Missing

    I downloaded the Orcas Visual Studio Beta 1 VPC from MSDN yesterday and stitched all of the zip files together, and launched it.  Ran into the dreaded: “E:\VPC\TimeBombedBase\Base01.vhd” could not be found message.  If you run into the same thing, you can find others with the same issue easily enough. The solution is to download the VSCTPBase.exe file from here.  Extract the Base01.vhd file and then point to that as the base for your Orcas VPC.  It’s working great for me now. more

  • ASP.NET Workflow

    Matt Winkler posted some very cool stuff regarding using Windows Workflow and ASP.NET on his blog a few days ago.  I’m just getting around to commenting on it myself.  Incidentally, there are live bits to install this time. Naturally I haven’t had a chance to play with this myself (or much of anything else that’s come out in the last few months), but I definitely am looking forward to being able to easily use Workflow within ASP.NET applications.  Hopefully this is a step in that direction. [categories: WF, WorkFlow] more

  • TechEd Speaker Idol

    TechEd 2007 included a Speaker Idol event hosted by DotNetRocks.  The competition was modeled after American Idol, the American phenom show that basically is a rehash of that oh-so-great show, Star Search.  The prize for the event was a guaranteed speaker slot at TechEd 2008, and the contestants were comprised of speakers who had submitted sessions for TechEd 2007 and were not chosen and four wildcard contestants who joined the fray at the show.  I was one of the latter, having never spoken at TechEd before and not having submitted any sessions for this year’s event.There were four heats, two on Tuesday and two on Wednesday, with (theoretically) one speaker advancing to … more

  • Tech Ed Skydiving

    Last Tuesday evening I attended a party at Skyventure, put on my Microsoft.  As I understand it, the party was Josh Holmes’ idea, and he and my DE, Drew Robbins, were key to organizing it.  I have to say it was a great idea and a lot of fun.  The closest thing I would compare it to, in terms of conference outings, is the Richard Petty race course.  Microsoft has hosted things there before, and it’s also a lot of fun, but given the time available I think Skyventure was more enjoyable (racing is more of an all day thing, in my experience).Skyventure is basically a skydiving simulator, made possible by a huge vertical wind tunnel.  After some brief but … more

  • Silverlight Video and Camtasia

    Some (OK, nearly ALL) of the Silverlight demos shown lately at TechEd and MIX involve hosting videos.  The flexibility and customization options that are available to construct branded and unique video player controls with these tools is really quite amazing, considering how small the download is and the fact that they run on IE, FireFox and Safari/Mac.  I predict (and this is happening regardless of Silverlight so it’s an easy one) that we will continue to see more and more video presentation of technical content in the next few years, until it rivals and perhaps even surpasses text-only online articles.  And of course I think the two will merge, so that many … more

  • Tech Ed

    I arrived in Orlando last night.  I’m staying at the Disney Swan (and Dolphin).  I’m planning on making it to Palermo’s Party this evening, though I may be late as I have other engagements.  I’m looking forward to meeting up with a lot of friends this week, since I had to miss the spring DevConnections show due to other commitments.  I’m also looking forward to seeing a lot of Lake Quincy Media’s customers and publishers and showing of our new AdSignia tool.  Today I’m meeting with my fellow Regional Directors, and you’ll find me this week spending a fair bit of time at the RD Booth, where we’re going to be … more