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  • Caching Domain Objects Article

    My DotNetSlackers news pointed me to this article on Domain Objects Caching Pattern in .NET.  This is actually a pretty good article on caching best practices, but I did want to take exception to one statement that is clearly in error: And, your options are ASP.NET Cache, Caching Application Block in Microsoft Enterprise Library, or some commercial solution like NCache from Alachisoft. Personally, I would advise against using ASP.NET Cache since it forces you to cache from presentation layer (ASP.NET pages) which is bad. There is no reason why the ASP.NET Cache will not work perfectly well outside of ASP.NET pages (and outside of a presentation layer).  I routinely build BLL and … more

  • IronSpeed and My Custom Reports App

    I'm working on a quick little data warehouse application that I'm using as a testbed for some products and components I'm playing with.  Basically it has 3 tables, one with connection strings, one with queries, and one that logs query results.  Anyway, I threw together the SQL tables about an hour ago and then decided I'd try out the latest Iron Speed Designer for some quick web-based administration.  It took about 5 minutes to download and install the app, then another 5 minutes to generate my admin pages using their wizard.  Apart from marking a few columns as read-only (things like DateCreated that are auto-generated by SQL Server), it works like a charm. more

  • General Batiste Funny Story

    Retired General Batiste has been in the news a bit lately for his criticism of Rumsfeld, but seeing his photo lately reminds me of a rather humorous anecdote that occurred during my deployment in 2004 under the 1st ID.  You can read the story as I originally wrote it here: That was as much contact as I had with General Batiste, but my experience (and I'm out now, so I can be honest) was that he was a good commander, so I have a lot of respect for what he (and other veteran generals) has to say.   more

  • Tech Editing AJAX and Atlas Book

    I'm almost done with tech editing an upcoming book from Wiley by Wally, Paul, Craig, and Scott, on Beginning AJAX and Atlas.  It's been a very educational experience but I'm glad it's wrapping up (and hopefully the book will be on shelves before this whole AJAX fad wears off).  Update: Oops, forgot an author.  Sorry Craig, I was zoning out. more

  • ASP.NET 2.0 Provider Source Code Released

    This is very cool.  The ASP.NET team has released the source code for the built in providers for the following: Membership Role Management Site Navigation Session State Profile Web Events Web Part Personalization You can download them here.  Learn more about the ASP.NET 2.0 Provider Model (e.g. what are these?) here. Read more, including white papers, on ScottGu's Blog. more

  • Atlas Control Toolkit Released

    The ASP.NET team has released the Atlas Control Toolkit, which, according to their site, is: a collection of samples and components that makes it easier then ever to build and consume rich client-side “Atlas” controls and extenders. The toolkit provides both ready to go samples and a powerful SDK to simplify the creation and re-use of your own custom controls and extenders. You can read more and download the toolkit here. more

  • AEP Talk in Columbus Ohio Today

    I drove down to Columbus Ohio to speak to the AEP (American Electric Power) ASP.NET User Group's lunch meeting.  There was a pretty good turnout with about 40 people present locally and another dozen or so connected in from Oklahoma via video conference.  The subject was my favorite, .NET Caching Best Practices, and the presentation seemed to be well-received.  You can find the basic slide deck here and more information on ASP.NET caching here. One question I got that was a new one for me was, "What are the limitations of caching?"  Since most of my slide deck is all about how caching can be properly used to help your application's performance, I think this is telling me … more