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  • AxoSoft Social Marketing Experiment - OnTime BugTracker At 99 Percent Off

    Axosoft is doing a social marketing experiment (blogs, Digg, etc.) where they're selling a $500 copy of their OnTime Small Team (5 users) bug tracker and project management tool for just $5 and donating the proceeds to the American Red Cross. The experiment expires Friday Feb. 24th. more

  • VSTS Overview Talk at Wayne State University

    I gave a presentation on Visual Studio Team System last night to about 30 students at Wayne State University in Detroit.  I don’t think it was one of my better presentations, for a number of reasons, which I’ll lament here and attempt to improve in the future. First off, this was an earlier presentation than most of the INETA talks I give, and was scheduled to start at 5pm.  I scheduled my flight into Detroit to arrive at 2:30pm which was really plenty of time.  I wanted to get to the room to present around 4:30pm so I could get set up, make sure everything worked, etc.  Unfortunately, the nearest parking I could find was a couple of blocks from the campus … more

  • VS 2005 Code Snippets

    I've recently been learning more about code snippets in VS 2005, and I've found some nice resources online.  Basically, if you haven't done anything with Code Snippets, they are a simple, extensible way for you to perform a relatively complex task within the IDE with just a few keystrokes.  For example, let's say you want to write a try-catch-finally block.  Normally there's a lot of repetitive code there, as you type try{ ... } catch (Exception ex) { ... } finally { ... }.  With code snippets, you can (by default in C#) just type try and then hit tab (twice, at least in my setup) and it will automatically create the try-catch block for you.  For a try-finally it's … more

  • Deceptive Marketing

    I've recently received a few emails from a component vendor announcing their new product, which includes this quote: And finally, the component developers have been eagerly awaiting for months…[productname will remain anonymous-ish] is the first-ever collection of a full suite of validation controls with built-in security, for the ASP.NET platform. Now, I'm sorry, but that's pretty far from true, at least how I read it.  For one thing, ASP.NET 1.0 shipped with a full suite of validation controls with built-in security, which by the way was for the ASP.NET platform.  I would think that would be the "first-ever" such collection.  However, if we're talking about third-party … more

  • UrlRewriter Bug Fix

    Some of you may know that I'm pretty interested in caching as a means to improving performance.  I also try to tell everybody that will listen that the default method of accessing the ASP.NET cache, as taught in most online tutorials and courses, is wrong.  I blogged about the proper caching pattern a while ago, and it's helped others including my friend Scott Cate for  So, given all of that, I thought it was pure irony that the intermittent server error that's been plaguing for a while now would end up being improper cache access.  I'm using the fantastic UrlRewriter from Scott Mitchell, and I located where I thought the bug was and asked … more

  • Cool AJAX Implementation

    I've recently been talking with the folks at FarPoint Technologies and took a look at their AJAX implementation of a web-based spreadsheet.  It's very cool!  It's essentially like having Excel embedded in your browser, complete with forumulas, and you can bind the whole thing to a database (and persist it back with the click of a button, too).  Have a look at the demo. more

  • Coming Soon - Web Projects in VS 2005

    Scott Guthrie has just posted an update on the new VS 2005 Web Application Project Template and VS 2005 Web Deployment Projects.  You can always learn more about this project on his website dedicated to vs 2005 web projects. Says Scott: The refresh build of the VS 2005 Web Application Project we are putting out this week contains a lot of new feature functionality support.  There are still some features that aren’t implemented yet (we’ll publish a detailed list of these when we make the build available).  Our plan is to finish these out with a build that we put out around the middle of next month (we need to expose a few hooks in VS 2005 via a patch that we'll be putting out … more

  • TextPayMe - The Next PayPal

    TextPayMe is a new service that I just learned about from Scott Hanselman.  Basically, it lets you send money to anybody via your cell phone.  You just send a text message to the number of the person you want to pay.  You will get back a confirmation phone call during which you enter your PIN to verify that you really wanted to send the money.  This is very secure, because only you should have your phone, and only you know your PIN (if someone else "borrows" your phone). What's more, if you sign up during the beta, you are guaranteed not to have any transaction fees ever (that would have been nice to have for PayPal), you get $5 in your account to play with, and you have … more

  • And You Thought Waterfall Software Development Process Was Dead

    Help bring back the Waterfall Software Development Process!  Attend Waterfall 2006 this year, being held April 1st in Niagara Falls, NY. Check out the conference website for a detailed listing of sessions, including these: Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer by Jim Highsmith Two-Phase Waterfall: Implementation Considered Harmful by Robert C. Martin User Interaction: It Was Hard to Build, It Should Be Hard to Use by Jeff Patton FIT Testing In When You Can; Otherwise Skip It by Ward Cunningham The Joy of Silence: Cube Farm Designs That Cut Out Conversation by Alistair Cockburn wordUnit: A Document Testing Framework by Kent Beck and more! more