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  • Zune Hacks

    These are some cool links I’ve found for my Zune so far:HOW TO - Copy data off a Microsoft Zune (use as a hard drive) To Bypass The Zune's WiFi Sharing DRM TO – Run Zune Software on Windows Vista Zune now supports Vista:[categories:  zune] more

  • What is a Microsoft Regional Director

    Jonathan Goodyear wrote a column in asp.netPRO magazine this month on what being a Regional Director is all about.  You can read it here: Demystifying the Microsoft Regional Director more

  • Microsoft Robotics Studio Released

    Officially this morning, Robotics Studio was released.   With Microsoft Robotics Studio, robotic applications can be developed using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Express C# and VB as well as Microsoft IronPython.  Read the Press Release and the PressPass Q&A with Tandy Trower.   Feature Highlight   Supported Hardware This is just a sample list of some of the supported robots from Robotic Studio: ·         Lego Mindstorm RCX ·         Lego Mindstorm NXT ·         iRobot Roomba … more

  • PDC 2007 Announced For LA

    PDC will be back in 2007 in Los Angeles. October 2–5, 2007.  Not much information yet but keep an eye on the PDC 2007 Events Page for more details as they come. more

  • Animated Musical Light Show Project

    Brian Peek of ASPSOFT has an article showing how to create an animated light show to your favorite holiday music on MSDN.  It includes a video which you should really check out, and instructions for creating your own with all the hardware and software notes you’ll need.  Very cool. more

  • C# 3.0 Feature Notes

    Anders Heljsberg has been giving us an overview of new C# 3.0 features this morning.  I’ve made a few notes.  Most of this info is available elsewhere, and I’m not re-typing the code from his demos, but there might be some useful tidbits here for some folks. First by way of background, Anders noted the evolution of C# and the key feature that defined each version: C# 1.0 – Managed CodeC# 2.0 – GenericsC# 3.0 – Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Some C# 3.0 Design Goals (partial list): ·         Integrate objects, data, xml ·         Increase concision … more

  • ASPInsiders Public Notes - Scott Guthrie

    VS 2005 SP1 coming soon (end of year, hopefully).  Will include:2200+ bug fixesBuilt-in Web Application Project supportGDRs are public fixes (patch rollups) that include rollups of QFEs – GDRs are similar to service packs but service packs affect support (Microsoft supports the latest service pack and the previous service pack, but not further back).  So – GDRs are good because they provide public fixes without eliminating support for any prior versions.The service pack 1 beta is not like a typical product beta (e.g. use at your own risk bits) — it contains well tested product fixes that are signed off on, and should be usable on “production” … more

  • Seattle Bound and Zune First Thoughts

    I’ll be in Redmond this week for a Microsoft meeting.  I expect there will be some cool new things, some of which I’ll be able to discuss, and much socializing with my ASPInsider buddies.  I’ve been slacking on the blogging front lately.  I taught an ASP.NET class last week in Columbus, OH, which went pretty well despite having been set up to use course materials from pre-release of ASP.NET 2.0 (not by my choice). In other news, I recently received a Zune as a gift, and I’m digging it so far.  I’ve never owned an iPod, so I can’t really compare the two except to say that the Zune is about the same size as my coworker’s iPod, but … more