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  • Excel, Pivot Tables, and OfficeWriter

    I’ve been playing around with trying to analyze some performance data that spans numerous periods over time as well as multiple channels.  Using SQL I’m able to get some results that look something like this: Channel | Period | ActivityA | 1/2006 | 1342B | 1/2006 | 3433A | 2/2006 | 1543B | 2/2006 | 3785 However, going from this to a chart or something useful is not terribly easy.  SQL 2005 has a Pivot function, and I have a similar function for SQL 2000 that Gregg gave me, but really this is something Excel shines at, and I’ve been wanting to play around with OfficeWriter more for some time. Using their documentation and a couple of articles online I was able to … more

  • ReportViewer Showing No Data - Solved

    I had a really weird issue with a ReportViewer.  It would show the little green AJAX Loading… image but it wouldn’t show any data, just a blue background where the output should be.  I knew the data was there because exporting to Excel or PDF showed the data just fine.  So I eventually tried it in FireFox instead of IE and managed to see a few rows of data, but not much.  That got me thinking that maybe it was a CSS or HTML issue — I’d set the height and width each to 100% because the default view was too small.  So I set the height to 1000px and voila!  It works.  I wasted about 15 minutes of searching on this, so hopefully this … more

  • Team Build TF42046: The Build Service used in the build process is not reachable

    Ran into this error today trying to kick off a team build.  Found this link that I’m using to try and troubleshoot.  One note so far is that the Team Build install is now found in the “build” folder, not the “BB” folder, on the Team Foundation Server installation CD. I think that when I rebuilt the machine, I neglected to reinstall the build service, which is why it hasn’t been running for a while.  Unfortunately, when I’m trying to install it, I’m running into an error trying to install as a domain user.  I have a domain, but the TFS box is running in Workgroup mode.  I found a thread describing this frustrating issue, … more

  • SimpleCMS Updated For Microsoft AJAX Beta just published a new version of SimpleCMS which now uses the current Beta of Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX.  Download it, check it out, and report any bugs you may find in the forum.  Kudos to Brendan for getting this ready so quickly. more

  • Modify Contents of SortedDictionary or Dictionary in foreach

    So I’m working with a Dictionary (and later a SortedDictionary) today and I want a simple list of URLs and their HTTP status codes, so I create the dictionary as Dictionary<string,int> urlStatuses.  Then I write some code that looks like this: foreach(string url in urlStatuses){     urlStatuses[url] = GetStatus(url);} Of course this doesn’t work, because you cannot modify a dictionary within a foreach.  From the docs:The foreach statement of the C# language (for each in C++, For Each Visual Basic) hides the complexity of enumerators. Therefore, using foreach is recommended, instead of directly manipulating the enumerator. Enumerators can be … more

  • MVPs and Losing or Keeping One's MVPness

    Frans Bouma weighed in on the recent discussion revolving around several prominent .NET developer types who did not receive MS MVP awards for this year (awards were given October 1st).  If the Microsoft MVP program, or this recent discussion, interests you, you should really read Frans' post.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  more

  • SQL Reporting Services Tutorial Video Published

    Last week I recorded a quick (< 10 min) video showing how to use SQL Server Reporting Services to create reports.  Since learning SSRS was something that was on my TODO list for a long time, but I held off because I didn’t know where to start, I figured a short walkthrough like this one would help others who hadn’t taken the Reporting Services plunge because they needed a little hand holding.I apologize in advance for some of the audio quality – the microphone used was less than $2.  I’ve since picked up a much nicer one, so future videos by me should be a lot clearer and easier on the ears. more

  • No More DLL Hell - the song

    Dan Wahlin, an ASP.NET and XML guru and friend of min, just released a song called No More DLL Hell which you can download as an MP3 and listen to.  If you’ve had any experience in the COM world, you’ll appreciate this song.  You’ll find the lyrics and download here. more

  • New Army Slogan

    Army Times wrote last week that the Army is going away from the awful "Army of One" slogan.  The new slogan is still top secret, apparently, but we should see it all over when the media blitz commences in a few weeks.  Personally I'm a fan of "Lead the Way".  If they go with that, perhaps I'll get some small commission... yeah right. more

  • Tip: Share User Controls Between Applications in ASP.NET

    This recently came up on an email list I’m on.  There basically three ways to share user controls in ASP.NET (1.x or 2.0).  Note that since Master Pages are User Controls, these techniques apply to them as well (and, in case you were unaware, you can’t share user controls or master pages between appdomains by default). Workaround 1: XCOPY Basically, copy the .ascx and/or .master files to whatever apps you want to use them.  This isn’t really sharing, but it gets the job done. Workaround 2: Virtual Folder Set up a virtual folder in IIS pointing to a physical folder somewhere on the machine.  Set up identical virtual folders in multiple websites.  For … more

  • Debuggin Failed Because Authentication is not enabled

    I ran into this prompt while trying to launch debugging in VS 2005 using IIS.  I quickly found this MSDN online article to solve the problem.  Posting here to help anybody else find it quickly.  Basically, go into IIS and turn on Windows Authentication under Directory Security.  Here’s detailed steps: To enable integrated Windows authentication Log onto the Web server using an administrator account. From the Start menu, open the Administrative Tools Control Panel. In the Administrative Tools window, double-click Internet Information Services. In the Internet Information Services window, use the tree control to open the node named for the Web server. A Web … more

  • CSharp C# Feeds Help Wanted

    CSharpFeeds is a simple community site dedicated to keeping up with the latest goings-on in the C# world, while eliminating the noise and personal/social posts from the various C# blogs out there.  This task involves individually touching each post to approve or reject it as on-topic, and while this is not a terribly arduous process, we could use some help.  If you are a C# guru and would like to devote a few minutes (literally, like maybe 5–10 minutes) a day (or even a week) to helping out, please contact me (use the contact link) and let me know.  Include any special qualifications you might have (MVP, etc) and a link to your own blog or online publications, if … more

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