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  • Sending Emails with aspNetEmail and RapidMailer

    I had to send out a bunch of emails to some partners I work with and the easiest way for me to generate the list was via an SQL query of my database.  It wasn't a huge list, just 30 or so emails, but enough that I didn't want to go and type them all into Outlook as BCC entries.  My first thought was to check with Dave Wanta, god of all things email in the .NET space.  Dave wasn't around, so instead of bugging him personally I RTFM'd like I should have done to begin with and browsed around, where I quickly found his Online Examples. From there I found his Mail Merge examples, and eventually a link to Building a Newsletter Engine, aka … more

  • More Official Names Announced

    Today, in addition to launching Windows Vista Beta 1, Microsoft also has announced the final names for several key technologies which they have been talking about for several years.  A new presentation layer technology, code-named "Avalon", is now officially known as Windows Presentation Foundation.  The new communications layer technology, code-named "Indigo", is now officially known as Windows Communication Foundation. In related news, Notepad.exe will be called WindowsTextEditingFoundation.exe in Windows Vista... more

  • Tip For Employees - Don't Stop Looking

    A few years ago, I worked for a consulting company for five years, which during that time (and somewhat still today) was quite a long time to remain with one company.  It was a common occurrence for clients to offer me positions in their companies, but this practice was strongly frowned upon by my employer, who actively discouraged such recruiting.  I never ended up accepting any such offers, but they did have the effect of keeping me aware of my marketability and of the existence of opportunities outside my current position.  It's this awareness that I think all employees should maintain, whether they are consultants or simply work all day every day at the same location.  Don't stop looking … more

  • Escape Yesterworld!

    Here's a fun site to check out if you have a few minutes.  Basically a look back at how software development used to be, before we had all the great tools and processes we (developers) have now... more

  • Upgrading and Migrating to ASP.NET 2.0

    There is an Upgrade Center available on MSDN now for customers seeking to move from ASP.NET 1.x to ASP.NET 2.0.  It includes a white paper describing lessons learned, best practices, and valuable techniques that will help developers upgrade their applications. If you have existing ASP.NET applications that you will eventually upgrade to 2.0, you may want to look at some of this information sooner rather than later, since it may affect some work you do today. more

  • "Longhorn" is now Windows Vista - Beta Soon

    Microsoft has announced that “Longhorn” will be named Windows Vista, and the first beta will be available August 3rd.  Find out more at the Windows Vista website, and discuss what's new and what's coming on the Windows Vista forums on more

  • Prime Minister John Howard's Brilliant Response

    to stupid media questions about whether policies of Australia, the UK, or the US were responsible for these countries being targeted by terrorists. (Source: National Review; From InstaPundit). PRIME MIN. HOWARD: Could I start by saying the prime minister and I were having a discussion when we heard about it. My first reaction was to get some more information. And I really don't want to add to what the prime minister has said. It's a matter for the police and a matter for the British authorities to talk in detail about what has happened here. Can I just say very directly, Paul, on the issue of the policies of my government and indeed the policies of the British and American governments on … more

  • Cool AJAX Implementation

    ComponentArt has launched the a public beta of their new charting component, WebChart.  With it, they have an online chart gallery that takes advantage of AJAX-style code to provide a very rich user interface.  Check it out, it looks like the end results are very pretty.  Hopefully I'll make time for a review soon. more

  • Going to PDC

    I haven't officially registered for PDC yet, but I'm buying my plane tickets right now (not bad, less than $300 non stop from Cleveland).  So, I'm pretty much going to be there.  If you'll be there and want to talk, look me up (email me or something via my contact form if we've not met).  Should be fun, although the timing so close to the MVP Summit means a lot of the folks I usually see won't be there this year (favoring the MVP summit, as I would too if I didn't have the luxury of doing both this year -- making up for last year I guess). more

  • Accepted Invite To Regional Director Program

    My DE, Drew Robbins, talked to be about the Regional Director program back in May, and asked if I would be interested.  One thing led to another, and a few weeks ago I submitted a stack of legal documents back to Microsoft which eventually led to the great and wonderful accomplishment of... my name appearing on this web page! I'm honored to have been invited and to be in such excellent company, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with Drew and Microsoft in some new ways. more

  • Write For AspAlliance

    As Ambrose has already announced, and Cindy has noted as well, is looking for more content.  We've recently revised our article compensation model to make it much simpler and to provide a greater up-front incentive to our authors.  The site publishes technical articles, product reviews, and even simple code snippets and samples that others may find useful.  Anything relevent to ASP.NET development is usually fair game, which includes web services, mobile, remoting, database and data access, reporting, components and controls, xml, etc.  About the only .NET content we don't normally features is Windows Forms content, but if you find a way to tie … more

  • House and HP6 Update (no spoilers)

    I haven't blogged much the last few days -- I've been busy getting our house ready for its big home inspection Monday and reading the new Harry Potter book.  I finished the book a few minutes ago, and of course now I can't wait for the next one.  The book's very good; fans shouldn't be disappointed, but there are some sad parts. Hopefully at this point the house is pretty much a done deal (albeit not yet closed for another month or so), and so with house-selling behind me and HP6 behind me, I'll be able to catch up on some articles I've been meaning to finish and some additional projects I'm working on.  Tomorrow, though, I'm back to work at a client doing some … more

  • Google Earth

    If you haven't played with it yet and you have a decent computer, download Google Earth.  It's very cool.  It's a desktop application that lets you view aerial imagery of the planet.  You can basically fly around and zoom in and out, and it downloads the imagery on-demand (requires decent network connection).  I was able to find the bases I visited while I was in Iraq last year pretty easily, and although the imagery is not up to par with what the military is using for planning on the ground, it's certainly good enough that you could show your loved ones where you were while you were in the sandbox.  I was able to find a few of Saddam's palaces I'd seen, for … more

  • London Attacks

    Instapundit has lots of coverage and links here.  One that caught my eye was this arabic article on alarabiya, which has a number of comments in English, including this one: This is WRONG!!! The Iraqi Lion |07/07/2005 ?? 17:3 (????????)? 14:3 (???????) Dear All .. I am Iraqi man from Basra .. and I think that what happened this morning in London is a totally wrong thing. It is not the solution .. I am just asking those people who have decided to work on behalf of Muslims in Europe, and used that Islamic name .. who gave you this authority to take this name .. what are your bloody ideas .. what are your goals??? Do you think you are building any consideration for Muslims around … more

  • More Team System Class Notes

    See Day One. Didn't get a chance to post my notes for days two and three until now.  We spent some time looking at testing in general, and the theory of why to test and how testing relates to quality.  Briefly mentioned TDD and other related disciplines.  In VSTS, tests are code and are versioned along with the code.  The tool can auto-geneate tests per method or class.  The skeleton is generated along with stub code to call the method, but no additional logic is inferred.  It's possible to step through tests in the debugger, which can be done today with NUnit, but it seems easier with Team System. Test Driven Development (TDD)  Red - Green - Refactor  Unit Tests must be  - … more

  • Happy Independence Day!

    Today is definitely a much happier Independence Day than I was having a year ago.  Woke up in bed with my wife as our three-year-old climbed into bed with us.  Planning on a relaxing day with the family.  A year ago on this day, I was up well before dawn, moving all my gear out into the parking lot of the barracks at Ft Bliss, awaiting drug-sniffing dogs to inspect the bags prior to a day-long flight to Kuwait.  I blogged about it once I hit Kuwait, here.  Anyway, I hope everybody who is spending this day away from their family is as lucky as me, and gets to be home with their friends and family next year. more