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  • VSTSOffSite Opportunity

    Ok, so I just finished a 3-day Ascend class on VSTS and one thing I'm disappointed by is the fact that I most likely won't be able to use VSTS to replace SourceGear Vault immediately, since I collaborate with developers over the Internet all over the world, and VSTS does a lot of stuff via AD or direct network access.  The only solution for over-the-internet work is a VPN, which at the moment I don't have, though I guess I should probably start looking into what's involved with that. However, this sounds a lot like the issues involved with Visual SourceSafe that led to SourceGear's first big product, SourceOffSite.  Wouldn't it be cool if some enterprising company (like, … more

  • Visual Studio Team System Class Notes

    I'm taking a VSTS class this week at Microsoft in Columbus, Ohio.  The course is being taught by Chris Menegay, a Microsoft Regional Director and principal consultant with Notion Solutions, Inc.  Chris developed the course material and works closely with the VSTS team, and seems to really know VSTS.  I took some notes today but I figured they'd be more useful in electronic format, and I figured while I was doing that I may as well just blog it.  Note that this is not at all indicative of what Chris focused on or taught today, but is instead just some things I found interesting and worth noting. VSTS- A software life cycle tool (not a coding tool)- One of main goals is to … more

  • House For Sale!

    If anybody is looking to buy a two story 3 bedroom home in Kent, Ohio in the next sixty days or so, please let me know.  We've been getting ready to move since about 18 months ago, with my deployment to Iraq putting a significant wrinkle in our plans, but the house went on the market yesterday and now has a sign in the yard and everything.  We've already bought the house we'll be moving to, which is just on the other side of Kent, and we plan to move in September once the previous owner of the new house moves into his newly constructed house, which is nearing completion. more

  • Preventing Duplicate Record Insertion on Page Refresh

    Terri Morton has a new article this week on preventing duplicate records from being inserted when a user refreshes a page that does a form POST.  Here's the abstract: A common concern of ASP.NET developers is, "How do I prevent previously submitted form data from being reinserted into the database when the user presses the browser's Refresh button?" This article outlines some possible solutions to this problem, highlights what works and what does not work, and then offers a recommended solution. This is worth a read mainly because of the time it spends on various techniques that do NOT solve the problem.  Most web developers have encountered this problem in some … more

  • Scott Guthrie announces future plans for async callback story (AJAX-style stuff)

    Scott writes: What we’ve set out to do is to make it dramatically easier for anyone to build AJAX-style web applications that deliver rich, interactive, and personalized experiences. Developers should be able to build these applications without great expertise in client scripting; they should be able to integrate their browser UI seamlessly with the rest of their applications; and they should be able to develop and debug these applications with ease.   For this work, we’ve been working on a new project on our team, codenamed “Atlas”. Our goal is to produce a developer preview release on top of ASP.NET 2.0 for the PDC this September, and then have a website where we can keep … more

  • WebCasts and LunchTime Learning

    Cindy Brucato has begun an interesting lunchtime learning program at her workplace, which she's dubbed The Brown Bag Initiative (or Brown Bagging It) -- BBI.  Yesterday she updated this with a list of good webcasts to watch during these events, and since most of them looked interesting to me, I'm blogging it so I can find the links later. more

  • Military Blogging Guidance

    Some recent info on soldier blogging: Military Blogging Rules Report: Gen. Advises Soldiers on Personal Sites Original Memo (pdf) Short version: 1) Don't say stuff you shouldn't. 2) Notify your chain of command that you have a personal website more

  • Book Review - Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit

    I recently finished reading Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit.  It's a good overview of unit testing and I picked up a few things from it.  I've previously read several of the books referenced in this one, including Kent Beck's XP book (Extreme Programming Explained).  I also have Pragmatic Version Control, which I haven't had a chance to look at yet. I learned a few new acronyms from this book - the authors seemed to like using them as memory aids.  A good design principal, Don't Repeat Yourself, or DRY, was my favorite.  Others included Right BICEP, A-TRIP, and CORRECT for What To Test, What makes a Good Test, and what to look for in Boundary … more

  • Visual Studio 2005 DevCon - Detroit, Michigan

    If you're in the greater Detroit area, and aren't doing anything more interesting this Thursday (June 16th), I strongly recommend attending the Visual Studio 2005 DevCon being put on by Microsoft and including a bunch of local subject matter experts.  I'll be giving the first session in the ASP.NET track, What's New in ASP.NET 2.0.  All attendees will receive a copy of Visual Studio Team System Beta 2 on DVD, the latest SQL Server 2005 CTP, and a Visual Studio/MSDN Transition Guide.  Register today!  [View Agenda] more

  • ASP.NET Podcasting

    I've been talking to Wally McClure and a few others about doing some ASP.NET podcasting.  I'm totally new to the technical details of publishing a podcast, but Wally and others mostly have that end covered.  Wally just added a new 'episode' (if that's the right term) which you'll find here. more

  • More TechEd Thoughts

    Sorry, I got busy and didn't post any more daily missives during Tech Ed.  Here's my 'summary' blog post on it. Wednesday I ended up sleeping through my alarm, so I missed ScottGu's first session on what's new with 2.0, but I made it to his second session which was very popular and probably the better of the two, since he said it was much more demo-heavy whereas the first one had a lot more slides.  The second session was very good.  Wednesday night was an 'Influentials' party, which I attended after having dinner with some friends at a fantastic restaurant in the Peabody hotel.  Best food of the week by far.  I had the filet, Oscar style, which means covered with a … more

  • Seth Godin and Viral Marketing

    Seth Godin (Seth's blog) has written several books on a term I believed he coined, 'viral marketing'.  I was talking to some folks at TechEd this week about ways to generate buzz for their products, and two topics dominated my advice: blogs and viral marketing.  If you're reading this then I probably don't have to explain why I think blogs are an important way to spread the word about something, but the latter may be unfamiliar to you.  If you're interested in marketing (or sales, or business in general) then I would recommend you pick up Seth's book, Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends and Friends Into Customers.  I haven't yet read the follow up … more

  • Tech Ed Day 2 Keynote

    Paul Flessner's keynote, still under way, has been about how much connectivity there is today.  Samantha Bee is here again today and helps lighten the presentations significantly.  One of the demos involved RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tags, which all attendees got on registration.  The demo first showed how they were actually using these here at the show, for instance they were able to see when the hands-on lab area of the show had the most people, so they could add more staff if necessary.  Then they picked 5 people to receive Creative media players by randomly picking 5 RFIDs from the people present in the keynote hall (which, sadly, didn't include me … more

  • Tech Ed Day 1 (summary)

    Got up early, which was an accomplishment considering how late I was out with Doug, Stephen, Scott, and Amy Sunday night, and made it to the keynote at 0900.  Steve Ballmer was presenting, assisted by Samantha Bee (from the Daily Show, I think) and a few MS employees.  The keynote was definitely entertaining with some pretty cool demos.  The main focus of the demos was on mobile technology and server administration technology which is coming down the pipeline.  They also showed off Microsoft's VirtualEarth, which looks very cool, and very similar to Google Maps.  The URL they were using was a local one, though, so I guess it's not public yet since … more

  • Tech Ed Day 0

    I spent today at an INETA User Group Leader summit, which was pretty interesting but moreso for (not surprising) user group leaders than folks like me (who speak at user groups, but don't organize them).  It was good to meet a lot of people either for the first time or whom I haven't seen in a long time.  I registered today and the lines were not bad.  Got a nice bag full of stuff that I haven't gone through yet but which I'm now lugging around with me in addition to my very heavy laptop.  This evening there's some social stuff going on with the INETA folks that I may hang around for, as well as a subject matter expert training thing I need to stop in for at the … more

  • Tech Ed Day -1

    Today started off well.  Got up on time, got some breakfast, things were looking good.  Then things started to go wrong.  The garage door opener had shorted out and wouldn't open/close.  I noticed that my flight actually arrived at the connection at 10 something, rather than departing at 10 something as I had thought.  So, there was a bit of panic there.  However, made it to the airport shortly after my original flight had left, and US Air was very helpful in putting me on another flight by way of Philadelphia, which was to have gotten me to Orlando about an hour later than I would have on my original schedule.  But, Philly's control tower had had a … more

  • Party with Palermo pre-TechEd

    Jeffrey Palermo is organizing a get together for folks coming to Tech Ed, Saturday night before the conference. Details more

  • Google Maps has Satellite Imagery!

    Ambrose pointed this out to me. Check it out!  You can get down to like 1m resolution.  And I really like the interface -- you can click and drag the image (or map) around at will, without postback.  This isn't immediately obvious, but it's much nicer than continually clicking on arrows. Check it out more

  • AspAlliance Ideas

    One cool thing about blogs is that you can brainstorm ideas and send them to the entire world to see who likes them.  Of course, in my case, the entire world is limited to the three of you reading this, but in theory there could be more.  Something I haven't done much of in the past is solicit feedback from the general public about ideas I have for's direction or features.  I usually discuss such things with the site's team of editors, authors, etc. but this time I thought I'd try something new and just post to the world. Idea #1 - Caching Resource Center.  Some of you may have noticed that I have this thing for caching.  I do a lot of my … more

  • Getting Ready for Tech Ed

    Haven't blogged much in a while, sorry.  Tonight I have to pack for Tech Ed.  Going to be my first conference since getting back home in January, so I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of people I haven't seen in over a year.  If you're going to be there and want to meet up, I'm going to be at the Web Cabana most of the week (helping staff it).  If I'm not there, somebody there will know when I'll be around or how to find me. I've made a bit of progress on two of the caching-related projects I've blogged about previously.  I'm probably 20% done with a custom cache dependency that is based on a URL (thanks, Jim Geurts, for the idea).  I'm hoping to wrap that up … more