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  • Cruise Control Bug Fix

    I've been using Cruise Control for a few weeks now and noticed a recurring problem where it would just error out and not recover periodically.  The issue was a timeout checking my source control server, which is running Vault and hosted remotely.  Anyway, Jonathan Cogley at Thycotic pointed me to a fix they'd come up with when they encountered the same problem.  Specifically, John Morales created a simple workaround patch that retries N times if the first attempt fails, and posted the Cruise Control Bug Fix on his blog. more

  • December Updates to Microsoft ATLAS

    NikhilK has a lot of good information about changes that have been made in the direction of Microsoft Atlas, an AJAX-like technology that will enable richer user experiences with ASP.NET 2.x applications.  If you're doing anything with AJAX or Atlas, check it out. more

  • NUnitASP to Find Broken Links

    I'm considering having my web-page tests, currently implemented using NUnitASP and some Cassini-implants, test for broken links (prompted by someone reporting one from one of my sites).  I haven't gone any further than to have the idea that this might be a good idea, so I'm wondering if anybody has done it and would care to comment?  If unit-tests are not the right place (I can see something spidering production as perhaps being better), are there any automated tools that can be set to run 1/day or something to provide reports on a site's broken links that folks would recommend? more

  • One Year Ago Today...

    I was sitting out at the retrans camp for our base in central Iraq, north of Baghdad.  This year, I'm sitting in my office in Ohio, having spent most of the last year back home re-normalizing.  I have a few pictures with the date 12/19/04 on them of the retrans site that I've been looking at today.  It's a bleak brown wasteland.  I remember it was still quite cold there despite the lack of snow (though probably not quite as cold as Ohio is today), and of course the general conditions weren't nearly as comfortable as what I can enjoy now in my own home.  I know some other soldiers are sitting out there right now (or some other site like it if that one's been abandoned … more

  • Shipping from Fog Creek Software

    Joel writes about his experience shipping many, many DVDs: How to Ship Anything.  An interesting read, especially since this is the time of year that ASPAlliance sends out a few hundred items to friends and contributors for the holidays.  Thankfully, we're not in the business of shipping anything year-round, so we shouldn't need all of Joel's toys any time too soon, but it's a good read just the same.  And yes, customs forms are a total pain when you have many to do... more

  • The Next P2P Revolution - Napster for Television

    This is a bit off-topic from my usual .NET stuff, so I apologize.  Recently Clemens showed me an application he'd written that allowed me to watch and control his television from Windows Media Player on my PC.  The quality was great and I could change the channels myself by simply clicking on logos for the various networks -- no need to channel surf.  Clicking on each network also loaded up the current and upcoming scheduled programming.  Reading his post about how he did it, I can see he's leveraging SnapStream (more). The SlingBox from Sling Media does something similar, using a hardware solution.  It, too, allows remote access to your personal television … more

  • Disk Output Cache

    DmitryR writes about an implementation of using Output Cache to Disk (instead of memory) via an HttpModule.  Definitely an interesting topic (and a similar feature was in v2 through beta2 but ended up getting cut) and one that could be useful in certain scenarios, especially to avoid the dreaded "application-restarting-and-maxing-out-resources-filling-data-caches" effect that happens when many large applications that make heavy use of the in-memory cache reset. more

  • Test Page is Valid XHTML using NUnit'm wrapping up some tests of AspAlliance Cache Manager (no URL yet) and wanted to ensure that my output was valid XHTML.  So I did some googling and found this thread which led me to create this technique in my unit test: private bool IsUrlValidXhtml(string url) { System.Xml.XmlTextReader reader = new System.Xml.XmlTextReader(url); reader.Normalization = true; Xhtml11Resolver resolver = new Xhtml11Resolver(); reader.XmlResolver = resolver; XmlValidatingReader valReader = new XmlValidatingReader(reader); valReader.ValidationEventHandler+= new System.Xml.Schema.ValidationEventHandler(valReader_ValidationEventHandler); … more

  • Cache Manager Almost Ready

    I'm almost done with my Cache Manager application, which is modeled after ELMAH and uses an HttpHandler model to add cache management functionality to any ASP.NET application.  At the moment it's built using VS 2005 and v2 of the framework, but doesn't really use any 2.0 functionality (except for .resx files, which are AWESOME for managing string resources within a project!).  Here's a screenshot: Current Features: Clear Application Cache View Cache API contents View values of most simple types Remove specific page's output cache entries View Cache/Server stats Server Name Server Cache Maximum Memory (mb) Server Free Memory … more