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  • ASPAlliance Survey Request is getting a third-party site traffic audit done this week and as part of that we need a bunch of people to fill out a really quick 10-question survey (really, it's quick -- it's all checkboxes/radio buttons).  If you've ever visited ASPAlliance and we've saved you some time, please give us back one minute of your time by filling out this survey.  I believe it ends on November 22nd, 2005 so if you're reading this after that date, nevermind. Thanks!  Tell a friend, too, please! Click Here to Complete The Survey more

  • Extending the ASP.NET Cache Object: Cache.Clear()

    The built-in Cache object in ASP.NET does not support a Clear() method.  This method would be useful if you ever just wanted to invalidate all cache entries and start fresh.  In a utility object I'm working on, tentatively called SuperCache, I've implemented a Clear method using the following code:   /// <summary>  /// Removes all items from the Cache        /// Note - should not remove from cache in while loop since enumerator is only valid while collection remaind intact:        /// … more

  • Comparing .Net and J2EE

    This is a common theme, especially in IT departments at larger companies where the religious wars rage.  Microsoft, in support of their recent new product launches, has compiled a set of "materials designed to help you evaluate Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE application server technologies". .NET vs. J2EE Reports and Evidence more

  • Sessions at DevConnections

    I'm leaving in the morning for Las Vegas for ASP.NET Connections, where I understand attendance is extremely high relative to expectations, no doubt related to the fact that Microsoft is launching many of their new dev products this week.  I'm going to be hosting three sessions this week and look forward to meeting folks in person whom I've only gotten to know through my blog, mailing lists, forums, emails, IMs, etc, etc.  Here's where I'll be: ADX252: Caching Features in ASP.NET 2.0 wth SQL Server 2005South Pacific FWednesday, November 9th, 9:30am - 10:45amBasically going to cover all the cool new caching features in ASP.NET 2.0.  Lots of demos, and my usual caching-specific … more

  • VSTS and TFS Info

    I'm working on installing TFS Beta 3 Refresh and have been told by Cindy that these links are all helpful: Installation Guide WSS Service Pack 2 I'm hoping my version of SQL Server 2005 will work, since it's not quite the build number it says it wants - more on that later. more

  • New Google Service - BlogSearch

    Google seems to be at it again with more new services.  I just ran across BlogSearch, which might not be totally new but this is the first I've seen it.  There are a lot of Steven Smith's out there and I'm nowhere near the top in main Google Search, but I'm the top 2 hits (at the moment) in BlogSearch:Steven Smith.  I haven't used the tool enough to know if it's very useful, but I like the idea. more

  • Generics FAQs on MSDN

    Juval Lowy has recently published a series of FAQs on Generics on MSDN.  Find them here: ·         Fundamentals ·         .NET Framework ·         Tool Support ·         Best Practices There's over 100 pages of content there with code samples in C#, VB, and MC++ (not just translations, but coded specifically in each language). more

  • FolderShare -- Soon to be MS FolderShare -- and SyncToy for XP

    I finally started playing with FolderShare earlier today, and it's working beautifully   However, my specific scenario I want is to keep two folders on Maxtor OneTouch network drives in two separate locations (home/office) in sync.  Sadly, FolderShare doesn't work on network shared folders/drives.  However, I have a fix for that, I think (keep reading)... Totally coincidentally, I read that FolderShare is being acquired by Microsoft, announced today.  Read more here.  This is welcome news since I suspect it means that future versions of Windows will have built in support for these kinds of file synchronizations. But wait, I also was led by my fellow … more