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  • Caching Presentation - Findlay, Ohio

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I presented on Caching in Findlay last night.  The presentation was remarkable because I did it without my laptop, which sadly decided to die as I was booting it up for the meeting.  I was ill-prepared in that I failed to have a backup of my slide deck on a USB drive or online somewhere, so I ended up grabbing an older version of the slide deck from my training company site,  I borrowed the user group leader's laptop, and presented from there.  Overall I think it went passably well, all things considered.  The group was a lot quieter than the Fort Worth crowd from last week, but that might be because I told them last … more

  • Technical Difficulties and Hard Drive Recovery

    Drove to Findlay to speak at their user group last night (about 2.5 hrs away).  Was working on my computer until the mid-afternoon, when I packed up and left.  When I arrived, I started plugging everything in and booted up my laptop to get this message: Windows could not start because the following file is missing orcorrupt:\windows\system32\config\systemYou can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original cd-rom. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair. Sadly, I did not have a windows CD with me, not that it would actually have helped.  I got home and tried that option to no effect -- it couldn't see anything at all on the C drive.  I … more

  • Caching Presentation - Fort Worth

    Flew out and spoke to the Fort Worth .NET User Group, led by Stephen Swienton, last week.  There was a pretty good turnout and I thought it went quite well.  I only had one demo that didn't go off as planned and that was a result of my having switched from a Beta 2 VPC to an RTM VPC at sort of the last minute.  The slides and demos should be available on the Fort Worth website at some point, but I don't think Stephen has posted them yet.  At least, they weren't there last night when I really could have used them, since my laptop refused to boot.  More on that in a minute.  Once I recover my system, I'll post everything in one of the file repositories in the new … more

  • Alienware Support

    My Alienware laptop battery stopped working about a month or two ago.  I emailed their support a few weeks ago and they replied back saying I should put it in my laptop and let it charge for 24 hours and it should be fine.  Duh, it wasn't fine, that's why I emailed them.  So Tuesday I called them (since they failed to reply to my reply back to them which let them know that their response was, ah, inadequate) and ended up on the phone for about three hours trying to get them to send me a new battery.  Long story short, they're sending one, but I'm not sure it was worth the hassle. Oh, and the next day, the hard drive died.  But that'll be another blog entry... more

  • New Site: DotNetSlackers

    A new site I'm using to push me updates of interesting blogs is  Sign up for their mail service, and you'll get a single daily email with that day's posts arranged by keyword category.  I've been pretty lax in firing up my RSS aggregator client, so this is a good way for me to at least make sure I'm not missing anything big in the .NET blogging world.  Another similar site worth checking out, if you're a VB-er, is, although I'm a bit late in announcing that one. more

  • New Phone - Samsung i730 PocketPC Phone

    My wife's phone broke recently, so Friday we went and bought a new phone - a Samsung i730.  I wanted to try something that would sync with my email and calendar, and she liked what she had before, so she got my previous phone and I got the new phone.  Thus far it's been a pretty frustrating ordeal which has included a corrupt Outlook profile (for which I found scanpst.exe to be useful), a bluescreen of death, and some headaches trying to figure out what all I had to install (and where) to get the phone to talk to my computer as well as my mail server.  As of right now, fingers crossed, it's working.  There's something of a learning curve with this model, and almost … more

  • Friendly Error Page App_Offline.htm

    In ASP.NET 2.0, while you're in the process of updating your site, you can expose a friendly error page by including a file called app_offline.htm in your site's root.  If this file exists, all requests to the site will be redirected to this page.  The only way to get around this is to delete the file.  The usage scenario for this is for site maintenance, and it can be easily included as part of a deployment script, where this is the first file added and the last file deleted during the deployment.  You can read more about this feature here. Excerpt: To take a Web application offline before deployment Create a file called App_offline.htm and place it in the root of your … more

  • Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects

    The ASPInsiders were just introduced to an upcoming and as-yet-unannounced addin for Visual Studio 2005 that should ship with or close to RTM.  The feature is called Web Deployment Projects, and will extend VS 2005's capabilities for building and deploying ASP.NET web projects.  VS 2005 did away with web project files, and there has been some pushback in the community on this because there are many enterprise scenarios where project files make sense (they were removed because they cause a lot of pain in VS 2002/2003). The Web Deployment Projects feature works like this.  It's an addin, so it builds on top of VS 2005 but doesn't touch any of the actual bits there (it's … more

  • Cool Features in VBNext

    I was a VB developer for several years (VB5/6) before .NET came on the scene, and I started doing most of my work in C# (though I still can do VB in a pinch, and often need to translate to/from it for articles, etc.).  I've been learning all about LINQ this summer at Tech Ed, PDC, MVP Summit, etc. and it's largely being pushed by Anders and the C# team, which kind of implies that it's mainly a C# oriented technology (although they do say it will "also" work on VB).  Today I saw LINQ once more, but this time presented by a member of the XML team whose language prefernce is VB, and during (and following) the presentation he demonstrated a number of cool things VB is likely to support … more

  • "Spang" - Web 4.0 Is Coming

    Plip already let the cat out of the bag, but I feel obliged to blog about Spang as well.  Sadly, beyond the name, we aren't allowed to share any more, but if you're a web developer you should expect to hear more about it "soon". Update: announced. more

  • SuperCache - Extending and Wrapping System.Web.Caching.Cache

    I'm nearly finished with my cache wrapper object, which I've named SuperCache for lack of a better name (Cache being taken, naturally).  I'll be releasing it with source and a small article describing how to use it, most likely on, but before I call it done I want to solicit some feedback and see if there are any features people are interested in that I could add in. Currently it wraps pretty much all of the interesting methods of the existing System.Web.Caching.Cache object, as well as adding the following: Clear() - removes all entries from the cache RemoveByPattern() - removes all entries whose keys match a given regular expression InsertRenewable() - inserts an item … more

  • ASPInsiders Summit Photos

    I've posted up a new photo gallery for MVP-Insiders Summit 2005 pictures, which I'll be updating as the week goes on.  The next few days we'll be meeting with the ASP.NET team to discuss upcoming enhancements to web applications using Microsoft technologies. (more on ASPInsiders). more