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  • Another Iraqi Blogger, with perspective on Iraqi elections and recent terrorist interviews on Iraqi television

    Hammorabi is a blog from an Iraqi, with recent posts related to the election and information about how terrorists are organizing through Syria which was published on Iraqi television following interviews with some individuals captured when Fallujah fell.  Very interesting perspective. more

  • Shuffle an ArrayList

    I have a need to randomly order the contents of a collection which has as its underlying container an ArrayList.  Googling took more effort than I expected to come up with anything useful, but did yield this link.  Working from there, I came up with this method, which differs in a few ways: public void ShuffleInPlace(){  ArrayList source = this.InnerList;  Random rnd = new Random();  for (int inx = source.Count-1; inx > 0; inx--)  {    int position = rnd.Next(inx+1);    object temp = source[inx];    source[inx] = source[position];    source[position] = temp;  }}  The main improvements are … more

  • CodeSmith - Improved Sproc Generation Templates

    I edited my first CodeSmith templates today and found it to be quite straightforward, and a very powerful tool.  I think I'm going to be hooked.  Anyway, I was using it to generate some CRUD sprocs for a couple of tables I need in a small project I'm working on now for, and I decided that the default templates that shipped with it didn't fit my needs because my tables have prefixes on them and I didn't want the prefixes to be in the sproc names (e.g. for a table sas_Product it was creating a sproc called Deletesas_Product instead of just DeleteProduct).  So I fixed them and now you can specify a table prefix which is ignored when the sprocs are named (you can … more

  • Getting Back Into Coding

    I've been back from Iraq for almost a month now, and back home in Ohio for almost 2 weeks.  I have a new Alienware laptop that came last week and I've been trying to get it set up so that I can get some work done on it.  It always surprises me how much *stuff* I have to install before I feel like my environment is ready to go.  Here's a quick list off the top of my head for this box: Windows XP Pro (came with it)Office 2003 (came with it -- had to move my Outlook files from my old computer)Visual Studio .NET 2003 EnterpriseSQL Server 2000 Developer EditionNAntNCoverNUnitSourgeGear VaultVirtualPC3dFTPSpamBayesRSSBanditMSN MessengerYahoo MessengerThat's not including a couple of … more

  • New ArmyAdvice Anti-Spam Feature

    Comments now require that the user identify the contents of an image, in order to reduce the effectiveness of spambots, which have been a plague on our site lately.  I hope this grealy reduces the frequency of spammers on the site.  Thanks to my developer pal David Gottlieb for the fix! more

  • Local Paper Article About My HomeComing

    The Record Courier, Kent's local newspaper, ran a story on my homecoming today after one of their reporters spoke to me yesterday while I was dropping my daughter off at her daycare center with Michelle. more

  • Getting Home (Long – Summary)

    Sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while.  I’ve been meaning to write a detailed overview of the demobilization experience as it pertained to me, and I just didn’t have the opportunity before now.  Let me back up to late December, Christmas Day, at FOB Bernstein.   I spent Christmas day at FOB Bernstein.  By then we had stopped receiving care packages for some time and had eaten most of the food we kept stored in our CHUs and the freezer in our area, so as I recall my meals that day consisted of ramen noodles and cold cereal.  However, the following day was scheduled to be our change of command ceremony, and everyone who was still left at Bernstein … more

  • Iraqi Blogger

    Happy New Year!  I'll write more about my current situation when I have more time.  For now, here's a blogger from Baghdad I just ran across and thought others might find interesting to read. more