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  • In-Processing

    I managed to find a place to use the Internet at the Education Center on post.  I'll try to post something every few days while I'm here.  I know several other LT's and a great many more enlisted soldiers are being called up from the IRR, so I thought I'd use this opportunity to share some of my initial experiences.  There's nothing very exciting here unless you're really interested in how in-processing works for IRR officers, so be forewarned... For the most part, everybody has been reasonably helpful on an individual basis, but unfortunately the coordination between individual stations/units has been sorely lacking.  Apparently my friend and fellow 1LT Chris and I are … more

  • Arrived at Fort Leonard Wood

    Michelle, Ilyana, and I got to St. Louis Friday night and drove the rest of the way to Ft. Leonard Wood on Saturday (May 22).  We got in around 1300, met up with a sergeant I was supposed to call who took us to where I'll be staying while I'm here.  I posted a few pictures in a gallery here.  When I was here for EOBC (Engineer Officer Basic Course), I stayed at a place called Morelli Heights, which was like a hotel suite: maid service, personal TV, shower, kitchen, laundry on each floor.  Nice stuff.  Of course, that was totally the exception to the rule for my army experience, so I didn't figure I'd be there this time around.  This time's more typical; old … more

  • More IRR Callup Info

    Michelle writes a bit about the current, supposedly not involuntary, callup, here. An interesting set of comments can be found on OutsideTheBeltway.  One quote includes:They are utilizing the IRR in three phases.Phase I 1-17 May IRR soldiers are asked to join a drilling unitPhase II 17May-1June Soldiers are involintarily transfered to UnitsPhase III 1 Jun-TBD Non Obligars (Veterans + Retired Soldiers/under 60)are assigned to units Weird things in the works......Next step.......Wake the Giant! THE DRAFT Another Quote:I am an O-4 currently living in san diego. I have been in the IRR for several years, since there are no units or slots for me down here in the USAR. A couple of months ago … more

  • Last Minute Business

    Things have been getting increasingly stressful at the Smith house of late.  This week we're getting ready to close on a house we're buying (closing tomorrow) with the intent of moving in once I return.  We were planning on buying it in a year, but since interest rates are so low now and since my situation is up-in-the-air, we opted to close now.  We're still not moving for at least a year, though -- the current owners will be renting from us until the house they're building is ready.  It's a really cool house and I can't wait to get back so we can move there. You'd think buying a house would be stressful enough, but we're leaving Friday morning for Missouri.  I'm … more

  • Update - One Week To Go

    My Garmin Rino 120 GPS/Radio arrived yesterday.  It works.  Out-of-the-box it shows the major roads in Kent, OH, but none of the city streets (just state routes).  I guess you can order maps on CDs but I haven't figured that part out yet.  It supports Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) which is most important to me at the moment.  Maybe once I'm home from duty I'll want it more for US street navigation.  I haven't played with the radio features at all since, well, I only have one unit so I'd be talking to myself... I had my second post-op checkup for my eyes since the LASIKS surgery 2 weeks ago.  They still look good.  I'm seeing at least 20/20 now … more

  • Massive Reserve Callup

    I got a memorandum yesterday from a local career counselor sergeant that had some very interesting news in it: "This office has received official notification that all current members of the IRR will be involuntarily transferred to a troop program unit. First priority will be to transfer soldiers to mobilizing units. Second priority will be to fill the remaining units not currently deploying. This is not any type of recruiting or sales gimmick, this will be happening starting May 18th 2004 through 1 June 2004." All current members of the IRR.  That's huge.  I'm not sure when the last time was that everyone in the IRR was activated; perhaps not since Vietnam (although I know … more

  • Back In Uniform

    So, we got my uniforms out of storage last week and so today I finally went through the bins and found my old uniforms.  Tried one on, and amazingly enough, it still fits!  They do seem to have shrunk a bit in storage, though...  Most of them are pretty worn, so I'll probably need to buy one or two new ones in the next few days.  I don't want to buy too many woodland camo BDUs, though, since I'll probably need to buy some desert camo ones if I end up going overseas.  I haven't found my beret yet, either, so I'm probably going to need to order one of those as well.  I really wish I knew where I was going after Missouri so I could properly prepare, but oh well. I … more

  • Two Weeks To Go

    This has been a pretty busy week.  I had meant to get a bunch of dev work done on, but that didn't happen.  We spent wednesday getting a bunch of stuff out of storage, including all of my army gear.  Hopefully I have most of what I'll need.  I still have to find my beret and figure out how to wear it, since when I got out the uniform headgear was still the BDU cap.  I did manage to go biking with Michelle and Ilyana yesterday, and I've been trying to work out as often as possible to get in shape for when I get to Missouri, where I'm certain to have to take an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) within the first week. I'm looking at buying a Garmin Rino … more

  • Micro Caching Article Published

    Those of you interested in caching should read my article on AspAlliance about what I've termed micro-caching. Basically, the idea is that even a very short-term cache can make a big difference in site performance for a high-volume application or resource.  I'd known about this in theory for some time, but I finally demo'd it to a class I was teaching at Ohio Savings Bank in April to get some hard numbers.  On that machine (whose stats I don't know, but it had Win2k pro and sql 2000 on it) I was able to get about 40 requests per second to a simple page with a datagrid loaded with the contents of Northwind's products table.  By adding one second of cache (and removing session … more

  • Laptops and School News

    I spoke to a Captain in Leonardwood yesterday at the Training Support Battalion (TSB) where I”ll be for my stay there.  She was able to answer a few of my questions.  I'm welcome to bring a laptop to FLW but she has no idea where I'll be billeting or whether I'll have the ability to get to the Internet (she knows I won't be allowed to use a personal laptop on the army network).  She also wasn't so sure it would be wise to bring the laptop to wherever I'm going, depending on where that might be (Michelle found a link to these Pelican Laptop cases which I guess many soldiers in Iraq are using, though).  I got some idea for who I'll be training with and what I'll be … more