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  • Properties? Universally good or not?

    jaybaz_MS writes about Properties?  Not my bag baby and makes some excellent points.  I'm at a public connection right now so I don't have time to take up his challenge of writing a generic cached property class, but perhaps when I have some time at home I will (and this post will remind me). more

  • Current Concerns

    Ok, so it's been three days since we learned that I'm being activated.  What have we been up to?  Well, one of our biggest concerns has been that I'll end up some place dangerous without the proper equipment.  Many soldiers, especially reservists, appear to be getting the shaft when it comes to proper gear, prompting some to buy their own armor for Iraq duty.  To that end, yesterday I went to a local police uniform and equipment store and discussed options for personal body armor with them.  It seems that for less than $1000 I can get a vest that will offer Level III protection (e.g. will stop a 7.62mm AK-47 round).  I haven't bought any armor yet -- I want … more

  • So It Begins...

    This is my first post to this blog, which I've just set up.  I'm going to try and maintain it while I go through my deployment, but of course there will be times when I'm not able to access the Internet.  I've set up my wife, Michelle, with a blog here as well, and she'll be able to post news and other stuff when I'm not online. As a bit of background information, I enlisted in the Army in 1995 as a PFC in the Ohio Army National Guard.  I went to Basic at Ft. Sill, OK and AIT at Ft Jackson, SC.  Oklahoma sucked; South Carolina was nice.  My MOS, which I never used, was 75F, which was basically a data entry job.  I completed AIT in June of '95, I got married in … more

  • Duty Calls...

    Upon returning from a fun Connections conference in Orlando last week, followed by a couple of days at Disney with my wife and daughter, I learned that I am being called up from my current reserve status to active duty in the US Army.  My orders require that I report to Ft. Leonard-Wood, Missouri on 22 May 2004 for a period of 365 days (unless extended).  Here's some more info about my military status:  have been a member of the US Army since 1995, and received an officer commission in 1997.  I have been inactive since 2001, but have remained in the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) since then.  Monday (26 April 2004) I received orders which transfer me from inactive to … more

  • ASP.NET Connections Pictures

    I'm at ASP.NET Connections in Orlando this week, promoting DevAdvice with my wife Michelle, our daughter Ilyana, and David Gottlieb, who has been doing a lot of dev work for the site.  I've uploaded the first couple of days' pictures to a gallery here.  Update: David Gottlieb has some more pictures here.  I'll be adding more to my gallery, perhaps today, as well. more

  • ASP.NET Feature Request

    If you're not aware, a great feature coming in ASP.NET 2.0 allows user profile data to be stored based on a simple config section, with strong typing and design time Intellisense.  Thus, you can modify the pieces of information you wish to store about a user, and immediately get Intellisense, strong typing, etc. However, the Roles feature continues to use string literals to describe roles, such as if(User.IsInRole(”Admins”)) In a future version, I would like to see a roles config section in which strongly typed roles could be defined.  Then, an overload of IsInRole(System.Web.Security.Role) could be added which would look something like: … more

  • More Breaking Changes for Whidbey - Personalization/Profile

    Personalization as a keyword/namespace has been replaced with Profile.  The namespace, the config section, etc.  Also, the provider model for personalization has changed between the PDC Whidbey and the March04Preview Whidbey, such that now providers must inherit from System.Web.Profile.ProfileProvider, rather than implementing a couple of (now non-existent) interfaces.  An example config section using the new syntax is as follows: <profile > <properties> <add name="NickName" type="System.String" /> <add name="Address" type="System.String" /> <add name="College" type="System.String" /> <add name="SelectedTheme" type="System.String" /> … more

  • Tech Ed Meet The Technologist Sessions

    I'm presenting two 'Meet the Technologist' Sessions at TechEd04.  These sessions are similar to breakout sessions and run at the same time as the breakouts and for the same length of time.  The only difference is they are smaller and more intimate, with the largest ones seating about 40 people.  They are located in the Developer Tools and Technology community area. The first one I'm presenting is on unit testing with the .NET framework, and will discuss Test Driven Development, NUnit, csUnit, NAnt, NCover, and other tools and techniques used to unit test and develop .NET applications.  This session is scheduled for Tuesday, May 25th from 1:30PM to 2:45PM. The … more

  • Weird Caching Error? You're probably not using the right cache access pattern...

    Scott Cate, who runs, among other things, writes about an intermittent error he was getting on his site last fall.  Shortly before this, I had written an article on msdn about Caching Best Practices, in which I described a caching pattern that should be followed to ensure proper behavior (e.g. no null reference exceptions).  Scott was getting intermittent errors about 1 every 50,000 page views (which is certainly hard to duplicate by stepping through the code...).  Luckily, the problem was solved by applying my caching pattern, which was the first “in the wild” report I had seen of my pattern actually fixing a known bug (which thrilled me).  … more

  • Visual Studio IDE Settings - Remember Mine!

    TimSull writes about a new feature coming in Whidbey/VS2K5 that will allow developers to export and import their Visual Studio customization settings to and from files.  This is a feature I've had an interest in for some time, but I want to take it a step further.  I've mentioned this on several occasions to members of the VS.NET team, but I don't think they're going for it, so please comment on this post if you think my idea makes sense (or not - just be heard). Basically, the solution they're coming up with is good.  It will let you save and retrieve settings from the file system.  Great.  Fine.  I like it.  However, I work remotely quite a bit as a … more

  • AspAdvice Facelift

    We've updated the look of AspAdvice, thanks to Ken Schaefer.  Jeff Julian was nice enough to implement the look on the AspAdvice Blogs home page, too, and hopefully we'll have the new design applied to all of our DevAdvice sites. more