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  • New Version of FxCop Released (1.30)

    Jeffrey van Gogh announces a new version of FxCop. Version 1.30 finally stops locking assemblies it's analyzing!  Yay!  And it's got a few other new features, too... more

  • Got ASP.NET Email Questions?

    Dave Wanta, who also sells the great email component AspNetEmail, has created a great resource for learning about and troubleshooting (and there's often trouble to shoot) sending emails using System.Web.Mail (aka CDONTS).  This resource is aptly named more

  • Speaking in Redmond about Whidbey

    Carl Prothman invited me to speak at the .NET Devleopers Association meeting in April next week about Whidbey features.  Hopefully I'll have all of my demos working with the new March04 Preview build that just came available last week.  Full details of the meeting, which takes place the week of the MVP summit in the evening (so hopefully I'll get some of my fellow MVPs there), are available here:   more

  • Avoiding the Global Assembly Cache

    Chris Sells writes about reasons why we should avoid using the Global Assembly Cache, or GAC (pronounced “gack!”).  I have to say that I definitely agree with his sentiments.  Ted Neward disagrees with some points here.  One counter-argument Ted makes against Chris' original statement is this: First and foremost, I've never heard of the idea that the GAC is there to save hard drive space; anybody who's ever believed that needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and slap themselves with a fish until they stop thinking that way. Chris' 60GB hard drive is a puny beast compared to the pair of 120GB drives I dropped into my desktop machine a few months ago. You … more

  • More Breaking Changes in ASP.NET (March 2004 Preview Build)

    Found some more breaking changes: System.Web.Personalization no longer exists.  I believe it's been renamed to System.Web.Profile but I haven't 100% confirmed this yet. System.Configuration.Settings no longer exists.  I can't find its replacement.  I'm looking for where IProvider and ISettingsProvider are defined now.  I can't find these either, so I'm thinking they may no longer exist. I'm not sure if it's new or not, but I hadn't seen System.Data.ProviderBase before, so perhaps that's where some of this functionality has moved. Looks like these two Interfaces are no longer used, and instead it's using a base type System.Web.Profile.ProfileProvider which is derived from … more

  • VS 2005 Breaking Changes (from PDC Bits)

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've just installed VS 2005 and am now ready to start reporting on it.  Some folks like Rick have reported stability issues with this build but I haven't had any such problems thus far, and it is working much better than an interim build I had installed about a month ago.  One of the first things I'm doing is looking for breaking changes from the previous alpha, of which I've been told to expect quite a few.  I pulled up my samples for my GridView/DetailsView article for AspNetPRO back in October and immediately discovered some changes to the GridView and the SqlDataSource controls. With the PDC bits, the collection of columns in the GridView … more

  • Deloittes AdServe

    I've been looking for some ad serving software for DevAdvice this year, and the best one around for purchase that I've found is deloittes.NET AdServe.  I have their full-source license, which comes with VB and has thus far been pretty easy to customize with a few of my own requirements.  I was really impressed with the overall professional look of the user interface and the reporting capabilities, along with the fact that this is one of the few products in this category that is 100% ASP.NET code (even if it is VB -- I prefer C# but either one will do).  The online demo for the product does a good job of showing off its features, and you can download a trial as well.  I'll … more

  • Mounting ISO Images as Drives

    I tried using Isobuster to extract the ISO of the VS2005 DVD image that I just downloaded off of MSDN but after burning it, I got a “Please insert VS Disk 1” midway through the install (I don't know if that was user error, an Isobuster issue, or a DVD-burning issue -- probly user error).  So, that DVD is now a coaster.  Did a quick search since I knew that it should be possible to mount an ISO as a drive letter directly and came across this blog entry, which led me to this unsupported “Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP”.  A short install and read of the README later, and I was in business.  VS2005 is installing as I write this, and so far … more

  • Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview March 2004 - Full DVD Image (English)

    If you're an MSDN Universal subscriber, you can now download VS 2005 from  I believe VSLive attendees are getting the DVDs this week as well.  I've got quite a few hours to go on my download, but once I have it and install it, I'll be sure to blog about what's new.   more

  • Going to TechEd

    I registered for TechEd today, so I'm definitely going.  I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Harbor View from Sunday night through Thursday night and leaving Friday.  I haven't booked a flight yet.  I'm not speaking this time around but I'll probably do some Ask The Experts, Birds of a Feather, or other breakout session(s).  Hope to see you there! more

  • House Shopping

    This is totally non-technical - apologies in advance.  If you're reading with an aggregator, you can pick up the technical categories and omit the 'Personal' category to avoid such drivel in the future. I've been looking to move for a while, since my wife Michelle and I both work from home, and between that and our 2-year-old daughter, Ilyana, our current house just doesn't have enough room (heck, it doesn't have room just for Ilyana's toys, but her grandparents spoil her...).  So we found a bigger house that's about 30 minutes from where we live now, still in the Akron, Ohio area, and put an offer on it back in January with a closing date of March 15th.  Well, it's turned … more

  • DevDays Aftermath (a bit late)

    I've been awfully busy, so I apologize to the two of you who actually read my blog.  I spoke at DevDays in Cleveland a few weeks ago.  Overall the event went pretty well.  There were over 200 people there.  I saw a bunch of folks I've worked with before at various clients in the Cleveland area, including Gregg, John, Mike, Dan, and others.  I was surprised what a 'small world' Cleveland is as far as the IT world goes. I gave the first presentation in the web track, which was on ASP.NET Security Fundamentals.  The session basically covers the various authentication and authorization options between IIS5, IIS6, and ASP.NET 1.x.  It lays the groundwork for the … more

  • Provider Design Pattern Explained

    Rob Howard goes into detail explaining how the Provider Design Pattern works, where it came from, why you should use it, and how to write your own providers, both today and once Whidbey is released.  Check it out in the resurrected Nothin' But ASP.NET column on MSDN online. Provider Model Design Pattern and Specification, Part 1 more

  • New Resource For Crystal Reports Users

    There is now a Crystal Reports -dedicated community on, run by CR guru Eric Landes.  If you're in need of assistance with a CR problem or just want to get up to speed, check it out.   more