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  • San Francisco and Custom Paging

    Well, I'm out in San Francisco this week to teach ASP.NET with C# to half a dozen students, and that's going quite well.  I had the opportunity to see Alan Shalloway speak at the Bay Area User Group on Tuesday night, and met up with ASPAlliance columnist Steve Sharrock there for the first time as well.  We had dinner the next night, and he mentioned something he had used for a solution for a client that I was unaware of. For a bit of background, it's commonly understood that the standard paging functionality of the ASP.NET DataGrid is quite limited, especially for any significant amount of data.  This is due to the fact that the solution relies entirely on having all of the … more

  • Unit Testing

    I'm really getting more and more into unit testing and testing frameworks.  At the moment I'm using NUnit 2.0 for my test purposes as I redesign's content management system for integration into the Microsoft Codewise Community standard specification for Federated Search.  I'm working with a friend and fellow columnist, Jonathan Cogley, who suggested a this resource on Unit Testing Database Code. I've developed my own set of DAL code test cases that I've been using for the last few months, but this article offers a fresh perspective on how to set up the testing environment for such components.  One recommendation that the author makes is to have as many as 4 … more

  • BuildIt From Microsoft

    Microsoft has a Team Development Build Tool called BuildIt which you can download here. From their site:"BuildIt.NET is designed to jump-start the build process used for development of .NET distributed applications. This download provides full source code and comprehensive documentation for the Microsoft Visual C#® development tool and Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET development system." more