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  • ASP.NET Cookbook

    The ASP.NET Cookbook is finally 100% complete and submitted to the publisher, SAMS (as of 2/26/03).  This has been quite an undertaking, and having completed the longest and hardest phase of the book writing process (author review remains, but is not nearly as arduous), I must once again say that I never want to write another book.  Of course, I said that after writing ASP.NET By Example, too...  So what changed my mind last time?  Well, it's a bit of a story. It begins on 5 June 2002 when Neil Rowe, my acquisitions editor at SAMS, contacted me to ask me if I was interested in any opportunities for writing books.  Due to some communications fiascos, we didn't really … more

  • Idiots at the Mic - More news from the MVP Summit

    Since I'm in a foul mood and I am procrastinating finishing my book, I just thought I'd write a quick note to express my disapproval for the MVPs at last week's summit who thought that the opportunity to ask questions of Microsoft executives was actually an opportunity for them to look impressive (or perhaps just stupid) to their peers.  The first such idiot, who was a frequent attendant to the mic, thought it would impress his friends to quiz Bill Gates on whether or not he could remember this guy's name from the last summit.  As if Mr. Gates has nothing more important to remember - quit wasting his time.  I don't even remember what this guy asked because, like everyone … more

  • Blogs R Kewl

    I just thought I'd write something quick to tell Scott Watermasysk that he has a pretty cool thing going here with these blogs.  Having thus buttered him up, I thought I'd also rant a bit about the fact that even though I tell the login to remember me, it doesn't, and that there is thus no way for me to find the link to the Admin section for my blog except to remember it and type in the URL.  When can we expect these trivial problems to be fixed, Scott, hmmmm?  :)   more

  • MVP Summit Aftermath

    I had a good time at the MVP Summit last week; it was my first.  I have some pictures to upload but they're still on my camera at the moment.  However, I wanted to reference a few other folks' pics now before I lose the URLs, and I'll come back and edit this later to add my own. Christian Weyer, a web services guy who was very nice, has a blog here as well which includes some pictures.  Apparently he also has joined the growing ranks of people who have been kicked out of AspElite, too, through no fault of his own. Ken Cox, another nice guy I met for the first time, has posted some more pics here, including a good one of Bill Gates and a couple of group photos of most of the … more

  • Regular Expressions

    Regular expressions are very powerful, and are one of my favorite tools to use because they are so flexible and they can be used regardless of whether one is a .NET developer or a Unix shell scripter or a Java developer or whatever.  As I started getting into regular expressions for validation controls, I noticed that there wasn't any online library for these expressions, which of course meant that a lot of people were reinventing the wheel.  How many times do different people need to come up with the same (or very close) expression for an email address or a ZIP code, for crying out loud?  So I used this problem to test out my then-novice ASP.NET skills and created an online … more

  • First Post!

    This would be my obligatory first post to Scottw's awesome new DotNetWebLogs site!  I hope to return and add more content once I finish up my *$#&#@# second ASP.NET book.  By the way, if you ever hear me say that I'm writing another ASP.NET book, smack some sense into me.  Please.  :) more