Configure NLog with StructureMap

In a couple of recent posts, I demonstrated how to set up StructureMap 4 in a simple .NET console application, and how to configure NLog to capture and record some app-specific fields with each logged entry (well, to be able to do so if desired, anyway). If you’re using StructureMap already in your application, you […]

Using StructureMap 4 in a Console App

If you’re using an older version of StructureMap or want more of an introduction, please read A Gentle Introduction to StructureMap, which includes a console application for StructureMap 2.x. StructureMap 4 is currently the latest version (v4.0.1.318) and is what I’m using for this example. The old ObjectFactory type is no more; instead you create instances […]

Speed Up Visual Studio Build Times

Speed Up Visual Studio Build Times

Although compiling is still the #1 programmer excuse for slacking off, you still probably don’t want to spend more time on it than you absolutely have to. If your Visual Studio builds take longer than you would like, there are a couple of things you can do. First, if you’re still using a spinning-metal disk […]