ASP.NET 5 Migration to RC1 Notes

I’ve been migrating a number of articles from to RC1 from beta8 (and earlier) and these are some of my notes. You may also find the following links helpful: Eric Anderson Migration from Beta 8 to RC1 DamienBod Updating to Beta8 from Older Beta Versions Shawn Wildermuth Upgrading ASP.NET 5 Beta 8 to RC1 […]

Accepting New Clients

I’ve recently left my role as Chief Technology Officer at Falafel Software to focus more on what I really enjoy: mentoring teams and helping developers improve the quality of their skills and applications. Falafel is a great company and I continue to work with them, providing services to several clients, but I am now also […]

2016 Software Craftsmanship Wall Calendar

Thanks again to everybody who backed our Kickstarter campaign to produce another Software Craftsmanship Wall Calendar. We’re sending backers their calendars this week. If you weren’t able to back the campaign (or if you only backed the campaign at a low level and thus are only getting the digital images), you can still get one […]