DevIntersection 2015 Sessions On Code Quality

This week I’m presenting in Las Vegas at DevIntersection. My session yesterday was on Improving the Quality of Existing Software, and touched on refactoring techniques, SOLID, code smells, and a call to action for developers to build their skills to the point where they can write what they consider quality code faster than poor quality […]

Nulls Break Polymorphism

Sir Charles HoareĀ has called it his “billion dollar mistake.” The .NET exception related to it is one of the most common, most hated, and often most useless exceptions the system provides (since the variable in question is never specified by the exception). Yes, I’m talking about null. One of the reasons null references are so […]

Get Started With dnx-watch

Get Started With dnx-watch

With the release of ASP.NET 5 / DNX Beta 8, there is now a new command line tool, dnx-watch, that can be used to automatically re-run dnx commands in response to file changes. This can be useful when making quick updates to a web application or while practicing Test Driven Development. To get started, open […]