Getting Started with Castle Windsor

Getting Started with Castle Windsor

My preferred IoC container is StructureMap, but I’m going to be working with a client who uses Castle Windsor as their standard container, so I decided to learn a bit about it this week. I created a simple console application and included some interfaces and implementations to see how things work. Registering individual interfaces and […]

JavaScript Date Tips

The other night at the Hudson Software Craftsmanship meeting at the Falafel Software training center in Hudson, Ohio, I did the Red Pencil Kata using JavaScript. Although I’ve run into it in the past, I was stuck for a little while (I was the odd man out without a pairing partner to help find these […]

Where to Declare Variables in C# and JavaScript

Both JavaScript and C# belong to the C family of languages. They share curly braces and semi-colons, and in fact there are many cases where the exact same code will execute (correctly, in most cases) as either language. However, there are certain best practices that are unique to each language, and where variables should be […]

Free Stock Photos for Presentations

If you’ve graduated from basic death-by-bullet-point presentations to something that will keep your audience interested, you’ve probably encountered the problem of “where can I find the perfect image to underscore my point,” preferably without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. I recommend books like Presentation Zen to learn more about how […]