Regional Differences

A while ago I ran a poll on twitter asking how developers recommend regions be used. About 15% of the respondents chose Other and/or chose to leave a comment. The comments are useful because they often highlight answer categories that I overlooked when I set up the poll. In this case, there were a lot […]

Moving a Site to Windows Azure in 5 Easy Steps

One of my sites is currently having issues where it’s currently hosted. They’re resolved by restarting the application, but that’s gotten tedious and I simply don’t have time to invest in troubleshooting this particular site. And, oh hey, those MSDN Windows Azure benefits keep looking shiny like I should play with them. So, I figure […]

When To Comment Your Code

My opinions on comments in software code have evolved with my experience. When I was a teenager first learning to program for real, I rarely used comments unless the code was for an assignment, in which case it was a forced exercise every bit as much as teachers’ requests to “show your work” added verbosity […]

Speaking at FalafelCon

Hey, California people, I’m coming your way. I’ll be speaking at FalafelCon 2013 next month about Refactoring with SOLID Principles. The event is taking place 10-11 June 2013 at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus. The speaker lineup looks pretty awesome, with keynotes from Scott Hanselman, Stephen Forte, Michele Bustamante, and Tim Huckaby, and tracks covering Web, […]