Dont Forget Block Selection Using Alt in Visual Studio

So do you ever find yourself wanting to try out some code you found on the Internet (via Copy Past Programming, but in a spike or test project, naturally!), and unfortunately when you copy the code it includes a bunch of line numbers? Like the code from this sample on testing Entity Framework stuff?


2013 Software Craftsmanship Calendar

It’s that time of year again when Software Craftsmanship wall calendars are shipping out of our Hudson office. A few things are different this year. The small NimblePros logo on the calendars has been replaced with a small Telerik logo. The boxes of calendars from the printer now come with 60 calendars per box, instead […]

JavaScript The Good Parts Reviewed

Finished up Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript: The Good Parts this week. It definitely helped me improve my understanding of JavaScript, which I’ve been using since it was new, but always like a C programmer, and only recently like a JavaScript programmer. I really appreciated Crockford’s honest, no-holds-barred analysis of JavaScript’s design and language choices. It had […]

Limit SQL Server Memory Use on Dev Machine

If you’re a developer running SQL Server locally, you may sometimes need to limit how much memory the database is consuming. Under normal conditions, SQL Server likes to use as much memory as it can get, since keeping results in memory improves the database’s performance. In typical production scenarios, this is the ideal behavior, but […]