How To Disable ReSharper in Visual Studio

Something I’ve had to do from time to time is disable a plug-in in Visual Studio, either permanently or temporarily, such as ReSharper. Just now was one of those times, and as in the past I had to hunt through a variety of Visual Studio menus in order to find it. Personally, I think Visual […]

aspConf 2012 Sessions

Yesterday I presented two sessions for aspConf 2012. The first was a new talk I haven’t given before on ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices (which I dubbed the Solution to the Solution Problem). The second one was a talk on Common ASP.NET Design Patterns, which is basically I talk I’ve given for at least a […]

Gas Pump UI Failure

Take a look at this picture (click to enlarge): What do you notice about the octane stickers? If this were a software application and you were implementing some kind of behavior/click tracking, where are most of the clicks taking place? Since this is basically a touch interface, you can see that the largest “buttons” are […]