How Can I View MSMQ Messages and Queues?

I’m working with NServiceBus to send messages to and from different parts of my application. NServiceBus is a mature tool that sits on top of MSMQ and provides a great developer experience for working with a number of different scenarios. One thing that’s challenging when working with queues is figuring out where a message went […]

Windows Azure June 2012 Update Required Reading

Today (right now as I type this) Microsoft has unveiled a TON of new features that are launching as part of Windows Azure. If you’d like to learn more about these announcements and services, here’s the short list of blog posts you’ll want to read/skim: Scott Hanselman – Windows Azure – No Kidding Scott Guthrie […]

Favor Privileges over Role Checks

A very common practice in web applications, especially those written using the ASP.NET built-in Role provider (circa ASP.NET 2.0 / 2005), is to perform role checks throughout the code to determine whether a user should have access to a particular page or control or command. For instance, you might see something like this:

The […]

Economics of Software Quality

When we talk about the quality of software, we must refine the discussion to make it clear whether we are talking about internal or external quality. External quality refers to the software’s presentation and behavior from a user or customer’s perspective. Internal quality refers to how the software was constructed, and how easy it might […]