Updating Blog to Orchard and Switching Domains

So, yesterday I posted a review of the new Asus Ultrabook and, as has become rather predictable lately, the virtual web server hosting my Graffiti-powered blog started having 100% CPU for quite a while after the post went live. Now, I don’t get *that* much traffic, but apparently something with my configuration of Graffiti, the […]

About Steve

Hi, I’m Steve Smith. I go by Ardalis online because, well, you’d understand if your name was Steve Smith. This is now the fifth place I’ve had a blog, if you don’t count my initial home page and articles on ASPAlliance.com, which were somewhat blog-like but preceded the term. Unlike my past blog moves (from […]

Asus Zen Ultrabook First Impressions

Last week a received a new Asus UX31E Zenbook Ultrabook laptop computer, which I’ve been putting through the paces.  I’d like to write up my thoughts on the unboxing and my initial impression of the machine, and I’ll write more in a few weeks once I’ve had some more time to use it.  Overall, I […]

Unit Test or Integration Test and Why You Should Care

There remains a fair bit of confusion about what constitutes which kind of test.  Many developers are fairly new to testing, and tend to call any tests of their code “unit tests” even when they’re dealing with something substantially larger than a unit.  The tools don’t really help much here, since the various test runner […]

CodeMash 2012 Sessions

Last week I presented two half-day workshops at CodeMash’s PreCompiler on Wednesday (with Brendan Enrick), and a session on ASP.NET MVC 4 on Thursday.  CodeMash 2012 was an amazing conference and I’d like to personally thank the organizers as well as the attendees of my own events for making it such a great event.  I’ll […]