Single Payee Credit Cards for Recurring Payments

Have you ever set up a recurring payment with a vendor using a credit card?  I have.  It’s very convenient, both for the consumer and the vendor, because neither one needs to be bothered with invoicing and paying bills on a regular basis.  Everything’s great, as long as the consumer really does still want the […]

Seth Godin The Dip

I picked up The Dip by Seth Godin a while back and thought I’d post my thoughts on it.  It’s a quick read, at only 80 pages or so.  I’m generally a fan of Seth’s books, and I enjoyed this one.  His style is entertaining to read, and the book was worth the < $10 […]

Copy a Table with data in SQL Server

Sometimes when you’re about to do some major surgery on your database, you want the comfort of knowing that you can always rollback if there’s a problem.  And it’s not always the case that you’ll immediately know there was a problem.  Sometimes, you just want a copy of the original data so that you can […]

Using Google Realtime Search to track Trends

You can use Google’s Realtime search feature to track trending topics on social media networks like Twitter.  To find it, just do a search as usual, then click on the More icon on the left to open up the Realtime option (or just go to The default view will show you the most recent […]

How Developers Are Using var in C#

The var keyword was introduced in C# 3.0, and has since gained quite a bit of popularity.  There is also a fair bit of contention over how it should be used, with posts like this one (with which I happen to agree) being not uncommon.  Over the last week I posted a couple of polls […]

On the Usefulness of Xml Summary Comments with Poll Results

Last week I hosted a quick poll on Twitter about how useful a particular XML comment was for a particular class.  The code looked like this:

The poll actually got 355 votes, which is pretty impressive.  In hindsight I should have added an option relating to generating documentation, or updated the “necessary evil” option […]