ASP.NET Tips and Tricks on dnrTV

I recently did a show with Carl Franklin on ASP.NET Tips and Tricks, recorded for  In it, I go through a bunch of ASP.NET tips, from the oldies but goodies like Tracing and Caching, to some new ones like optimizing the performance of your ASP.NET MVC 3 applications.  The samples from the presentation are […]

What are you working on?

If you ask a newly-hired developer this question while they are busy coding away on something, you’ll usually get an answer like “the Acme project.”  If that’s too obvious (after all, maybe that’s the only project this dev works on), then the answer might be “the new xyz feature” or “that abc bug.”  All of […]

How to Record a Screencast with Expression Encoder 4

I’m a huge fan of TechSmith Camtasia and use it for pretty much all of my screencasts.  However, I’m currently recording some presentations for the Code Project Agile Virtual Tech Summit that’s taking place next week, and the preferred capture program for the platform is Expression Encoder 4.  So, I figured while I’m learning how […]

Building a CachedRepository via Strategy Pattern

In part one of this series, I introduced the CachedRepository pattern, and demonstrated how it can be applied through the use of simple inheritance to an existing Repository class.  This allows us to easily configure whether or not we want to use caching at the repository level through the use of an IOC Container like […]

Introducing the CachedRepository Pattern

Introducing the CachedRepository Pattern

In this first part of a series on adding support for caching to the Repository Pattern, I’d like to show how to very simply control whether or not caching is performed on a per-repository basis through the use of an Inversion of Control Container.  In this case, I’ll be using StructureMap with ASP.NET MVC 3.  […]

Improving ASP.NET MVC Application Performance at MVCConf

Yesterday I gave a presentation to a little over 300 attendees of MVCConf on Improving ASP.NET MVC Application Performance.  There were some great responses on twitter and generally the ratings on SpeakerRate were positive, which was great because I was a bit worried going into the presentation, since I’d only committed to giving a talk […]

List Services Running on Remote Servers

As I wrote earlier, Lake Quincy Media’s AdSignia ad platform is utilizing services and a message-based architecture to decouple the system from the database and improve performance and reliability of the servers.  It’s proven useful to quickly work with the services across multiple nodes in the web cluster, and PowerShell is the obvious choice for […]

Pass Results from One PowerShell Script To Another

If you’re using PowerShell but want to keep your scripts DRY, you may want to factor common functions into their own scripts, and then call these scripts from multiple other scripts.   This is pretty easy to do.  For instance, if you have an array of values that you want to use as inputs for several […]

Message-Based Architecture Goodness

Recently at Lake Quincy Media we upgraded our logging system for the AdSignia ad platform so that it uses messaging rather than direct SQL database access.  This allows us to log much more detailed data, which we can then analyze, and also improves the performance of every ad request, since it eliminates a database call […]