Time Spent Green

I’ve been a fan of continuous integration for what seems like forever.  It’s an amazing way to boost the quality of your code and ensure that what gets checked into your repository is working code.  It also does a great job of eliminating the “it works on my machine” syndrome that is so common without […]

The Message Is The Message Received

I recall early on in my military career, in an ROTC class, learning about communication.  Communication is very important in the military, and at least as important in civilian life.  Especially today, when there are so many ways to communicate, and so many ways to communicate poorly. In a recent twitter conversation, I was reminded […]

Use Interfaces for Metadata and Comments

If you’re using XML Comments for intellisense purposes, or are making heavy use of attribute-based metadata in your classes, you’ve likely found that these have a tendency to bloat your code and make it more difficult to follow.  For example, consider this simple configuration section handler:


DevReach 2010

This past week I had the good fortune of traveling to Sofia, Bulgaria to speak at DevReach for the second time (the first was 2 years ago in 2008).  This is a great conference and was held for the second year in a row at a movie theater, which worked very well (similar to StirTrek […]

SQL Table Cleanup Job

It’s pretty straightforward to create a job in SQL Server that will clean up a table.  For instance, for AspAlliance.com I use ELMAH to record errors, and it’s set up to go to a database table (called ELMAH_Error – see image at right).  While doing some maintenance, I noticed that this table had several months’ […]

The CHECK_POLICY and CHECK_EXPIRATION options cannot be turned OFF when MUST_CHANGE is ON

In addition to the dreaded SQL Server Error: User Group or Role Already Exists in the Current Database error, you may also get this error when creating new logins after a database move: Alter failed for login ‘somelogin’. An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. The CHECK_POLICY and CHECK_EXPIRATION options cannot be […]

LINQ Range Variable Problem

Ran into this issue last night and just figured it out.  I have this code for a demo:

Now, in Visual Studio, it looks like this: Hovering over freightSummary in the above LINQ query would reveal just (range variable) ? freightSummary A bunch of searching later didn’t much help, although this thread did put […]