The Check In Dance

When developing software and working with a build or integration server, there are certain conventions that one should follow when making updates to the shared codebase.  Somewhere I picked up the term “the check in dance” (not to be confused with “the chicken dance”) for this process, which is very straightforward and, if followed, can […]

Build Automation for your Application using MSBuild

Over the past few years, I’ve established something of a standard for how I like to organize my projects, and this includes having a one-click build-and-test script for each project.  This is a quick description of my current thoughts on this, along with some details of how to get the MSBuild scripts working for your […]

ASP.NET Custom Errors Security Flaw

Updated 5 October 2010: There is now a patch available via Windows Update. Read more about it here, and ensure all ASP.NET web servers have been patched ASAP. Microsoft just released some details on a security flaw that was publicized a few hours ago. On this post, you can learn more about the ASP.NET vulnerability […]

An IIS Crash Analysis Story

Last week I attempted to update a high-traffic production ASP.NET application to ASP.NET 4.  In the course of doing so, I was surprised, despite having tested everything thoroughly in a staging environment, to find that under production loads, the system was erratic and slow to respond to requests.  Further inspection revealed that IIS was actually […]

Using Dynamic Parameters in a WebTest or LoadTest

Using Visual Studio 2010 (and some earlier versions), it’s very easy to create a WebTest by recording one or more web requets to the system under test (SUT).  To get started, open Visual Studio 2010 and create a New Project.  Then select Test Project like so: Next, add a Web Test to the project, and […]

Principles of Software Design

Recently I did a webcast on Principles of Software Design in which I very quickly covered several important principles, as well as a few patterns and practices, that lead to better software quality.  If you’re interested, you can view a recording of the webcast (click the wmv link beside the 16 Sep 2010 webcast), or […]

Real World Monitoring and Tuning ASP.NET Caching

First off, let me direct you to a great article on monitoring your ASP.NET cache API behavior. Go read that first, then come back here. Done? Good, so let’s make the advice from Simon’s blog a bit more concrete with some real-world examples. Consider this fairly high-traffic web server’s behavior (avg. 55 ASP.NET requests/sec, 110 […]