Applying Interface Segregation to Configuration Files

In .NET, it’s very easy to set up custom configuration section handlers to handle your application or component’s configuration needs.  As my previous post shows, it’s also very easy to configure these with attributes that enforce required fields and other validation.  However, over time it’s very easy to create fairly large configuration sections that violate […]

System.Core in VS2010 Projects

I just ran into an odd issue with a VS2010 project.  In my case it was an MVC 2 application I was upgrading from VS2008.  One of the built-in controllers (ProfileController) was failing to compile because it could not resolve the Linq extension method symbols Single() and Matches().  These are located in the System.Core assembly.  […]

Using CCTray with JetBrains TeamCity

TeamCity is a great build server tool from JetBrains (makers of the awesome Visual Studio add-in, ReSharper).  The user-interface and features of the TeamCity web front-end are wonderful and are leaps and bounds easier to use for new users than my previous favorite, CruiseControl.Net, which required much XMLness to configure.  However, one of my favorite […]

Startup Business Checklist 2010

Below is my current checklist for startup businesses in 2010.  This is meant to be relatively industry-agnostic and focuses primarily on online components of the business (meaning, it may not apply to businesses which avoid the Internet for whatever reason).  I’ve included numerous links to more information and references.  Checklists are a great way to […]

Code Analysis Techniques

There are a number of code analysis tools available for .NET developers, including some stats that are built into the pricier SKUs of Visual Studio.  Recently, I’ve been playing with a relatively new product (released earlier this year by Microsoft agile consulting shop called Nitriq.  Nitriq is a bit like LINQPad for your code.  […]

Getting Started with Code Contracts in VS2010

The idea of Design By Contract has been around for quite a while, and Microsoft Research has had a project focused on this topic for several years now, called Spec#.  With Visual Studio 2010, there is now support for Code Contracts which are a DevLabs project based on the Spec# project.  You can read more […]

Screencast and Podcast Recording Gear

I’m working on some screencasts and have had some gear recommended to me that I’m ordering now.  I’ll post back later with an update on how I like these, but if anybody else is interested in what I’ve been told is the best stuff to get, here you go. Microphone The microphone of choice is […]