Sadukie tagged me with her books post a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to respond with a post of my own.  I have a post I update periodically that includes some of my most recommended developer books (where I’ve been meaning to add Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# by Robert […]

Working with Application Pool Identities

There a new feature of IIS called Application Pool Identities that was apparently introduced with SP2 of Windows Server 2008.  There’s a nice overview of Application Pool Identities here, which is the basis for this post, which is just my notes on the feature. If you’re setting up new web sites and application pools in […]

Software Engineering 101 in Cleveland

Next week I’ll be one of several speakers at a free one-day event being held at the Microsoft office in Independence, Ohio.  The event is designed for Microsoft developers who are seeking to improve their skills in software engineering, including object-oriented design, design patterns, and automated testing.  The event is being hosted by Microsoft and […]

Set Up Build Agents By Project in TeamCity

We’re using TeamCity to manage our continous integration builds for and  Before TeamCity, I was using, and TeamCity is much easier to get working (and requires far less XML manipulation).  I do miss CCTray, which I found to be much nicer than the TeamCity tray notifier (which if you click on it […]