Budding Versus Festering Code

This is in response to Michael Feathers’ recent post on Festering Code Bases and Budding Code Bases. Certainly the default tooling in the Visual Studio space has, until recently, made it dramatically easier to add code to an existing class than to create a new class.  However, tools like ReSharper have a large impact on […]

Disable Hibernation on Servers

Here’s a quick tip if you should find several GB of your system drive taken up with hiberfil.sys on a production server machine (as I recently did with a virtual server with a very small C partition) – Disable Hibernation. Disable Hibernation 1. Open a command prompt as administrator 2. Run this command: powercfg –h […]

Tagging Releases in Source Control

A best practice when you’re using source control is to tag your releases.  What does this mean, exactly?  If you’re following the relatively standard non-distributed source control repository folder structure of having root folders for: branches tags trunk then it means simply making a copy of the current state of the system when you did […]

Moving a Certificate Between Web Servers

I’m in the process of moving Lake Quincy Media’s web site from one server to another, and since it uses SSL to secure users’ data, I had to move the certificate to the new server as part of the server move.  Fortunately, this process is quite painless.  First, you need to export the certificate to […]

Great Uses of Using Statement in C#

In my last post about testing emails in .NET, I noted the use of the using statement to ensure safe usage of the IDisposable SmtpClient and MailMessage objects.  This is the typical usage of the using statement, but you can take advantage of this statement’s behavior for other scenarios as well, resulting in cleaner code. […]

Testing Email Sending

Recently I learned a couple of interesting things related to sending emails.  One doesn’t relate to .NET at all, so if you’re a developer and you want to easily be able to test whether or not emails are working correctly in your application without actually sending them and/or installing a real SMTP server on your […]

DevConnections Spring 2010 Speaker Evals and Tips

As a conference speaker, I always look forward to hearing from attendees whether they felt my sessions were valuable and worth their time.  It’s always gratifying  get a high score, but of course it’s the (preferably constructive) criticism that’s key to continued improvement.  I’m by no means the best technical presenter around, and I’m always […]