TechEd 2010 Important Events

If you’ll be attending TechEd in New Orleans in a couple of weeks, make sure the following are all on your calendar:   Party with Palermo – TechEd 2010 Edition Sunday 6 June 2010 7:30-930pm Central Time RSVP and see who else is coming here.  The party takes place from 730pm to 930pm Central (Local) […]

Dont Throw Duplicate Exceptions

In your code, you’ll sometimes have write code that validates input using a variety of checks.  Assuming you haven’t embraced AOP and done everything with attributes, it’s likely that your defensive coding is going to look something like this:

Do you see […]

REST to Objects in C#

RESTful interfaces for web services are all the rage for many Web 2.0 sites.  If you want to consume these in a very simple fashion, LINQ to XML can do the job pretty easily in C#.  If you go searching for help on this, you’ll find a lot of incomplete solutions and fairly large toolkits […]

Could not load type System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler

If you upgrade older .NET sites from 1.x to 2.x or greater, you may encounter this error when you have configuration settings that look like this:

Once you try to run this on an upgraded appdomain, you may encounter this error: An error occurred creating the configuration section handler for CacheSettings: Could not load […]

Custom Configuration Section Handlers

Most .NET developers who need to store something in configuration tend to use appSettings for this purpose, in my experience.  More recently, the framework itself has helped things by adding the <connectionStrings /> section so at least these are in their own section and not adding to the appSettings clutter that pollutes most apps.  I […]

Shared Folders in VirtualBox on Windows 7

In my adventures with VirtualBox, my latest victory was in figuring out how to share folders between my host OS (Windows 7) and my virtual OS (Windows Server 2008). I’m familiar with VirtualPC and other such products, which allow you to share local folders with the VM. When you do, they just show up in […]