Azure Tip: How To Deploy a ZIP File to Windows Azure

Last month, The Code Project ran an Azure contest and gave away several Amazon Kindles. As part of the contest, which we hosted on Azure, we deployed a sample project with all of the necessary install files for getting started with Windows Azure. It turned out to be slightly more difficult than expected to actually […]

Party with Palermo: MVP Summit Edition

The Code Project is sponsoring the next Party with Palermo in a few weeks at the MVP Summit. If you haven’t already, sign up. The cost is a nominal $5, just to try and keep the RSVPs accurate. You can see who else is coming on the sign-up page (via EventBrite), so check it out. […]

Product Idea: Polarizing Plate Covers

I’m one of those people that is always coming up with crazy business or product ideas.  The problem is always that there just aren’t enough resources to go after every idea, and I at least know that An Idea is Not a Business so at least I don’t pretend that maybe some day I’m going […]

Windows Azure Pricing and Shared Hosting

Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, has recently gone into production and will begin charging customers next month.  You can keep up on Azure news and blogs at, a community moderated resource.  One of the promises of Azure is to treat application hosting like a utility service, through which one pays for what one […]

Axosoft OnTime and Queues

At CodeProject we’ve recently adopted Axosoft OnTime for our task, feature, and bug tracking needs.  We had tried a number of different solutions, and there was even some discussion of building our own (naturally), but in the end we’ve settled on OnTime, at least for the time being. OnTime breaks up items into Defects, Tasks, […]

Coding Katas

Last week at CodeMash I helped host a Software Craftsmanship PreCompiler onWednesday afternoon.  I also helped organize a coding dojo for the event, but it was very last minute and didn’t have a lot of instructions for developers new to performing katas.  Having a room where people could get together and work through a problem […]

Goals for 2010

I recently wrote about how I did with my 2009 goals, now it’s time to set a few for this year.  Let’s start with two that didn’t go so well for me last year: 1. Get In Shape.  By the end of 2010 I will be under 200 pounds.  I will have achieved my Brown […]

Is Extreme Programming Dying? Is Agile Growing in Popularity?

It’s interesting to compare the interest over time in various software development methodologies and practices.  Google Trends is a great tool for this, although it’s not without limitations, especially since so many programming terms have other meanings.  For instance, you can use it to visually show how interest in eXtreme programming has (sadly) been waning […]

Personal Goals and Transparency 2009

I find that if I commit to things in writing, they have a much higher chance of getting done.  And if I commit to them in writing on the Internet where everybody in the world can see it, even though I realize that nobody in the world cares, it gives me even more motivation to […]

Most Popular 2009 Posts

If you’re one of my subscribers, you’re probably a software developer, or perhaps someone I know personally. You might be surprised to find that many of the most popular posts on my blog in 2009 were not particularly developer-oriented. According to Google Analytics, my blog had the following stats for 2009: 1. Codebehind Files in […]