Hide Windows Language Updates in Windows 7

Setting up a new machine and going through the Windows Update Dance as I install the various updates that are available now (Windows 7 has been out for almost 3 months now and you know).  And of course once I’ve installed the required updates, it’s always nice to see what’s in the Optional list.  However, […]

Presentation Zen

I picked up Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds earlier this year, and finally managed to finish it.  It comes highly recommended by many excellent presenters, and there are quite a number of positive reviews of it on Amazon.  Naturally some of them refer to the PresentationZen blog, which if you haven’t read you may wish […]

DEVLINK 2010 Call For Speakers

The call for speakers for DEVLINK 2010 is now open.  They are opening the call earlier this year to allow everyone ample time to consider the best session ideas.  If you don’t know about the devLink Technical Conference, please visit the website (www.devlink.net).  The conference will take place August 5 – 7, 2010 in Nashville, […]

Using RAMDisk to Speed Build Times

Now that computers with 64-bit operating systems and 8 or 12 GB of RAM are pretty affordable, there are some fairly easy things you can do to speed up your build time for large project.  Jeffrey Palermo wrote about six months ago about a few options for using RAM drives to speed up builds, and […]

View Binary Encoded WCF Messages

If you’re doing any work with WCF (and perhaps Silverlight, for example, but any client will do) and you’d like to maximize the performance of your messages, you’re probably using binary encoding as it’s much less verbose than other options.  However, this makes tools like Fiddler much less useful when it comes to debugging why […]

Microsoft Will Ship When VS is Ready

I’m very pleased to see Microsoft respond to customer feedback requesting a little bit more time before the release of Visual Studio 2010.  There has been concern with the current beta release that its performance is not where it needs to be, especially in certain specific scenarios.  Microsoft is aware of these issues and has […]

Joining The Code Project

Those of you who follow my blog (both of you) may have noticed an absence of posts of late.  The reason for the lapse was simple: Michelle and I were in the process of selling two of our business properties, Lake Quincy Media and ASPAlliance.com, to The Code Project.  It’s been almost a month since […]